Illumination, now on WordPress

Howdy folks, I’ve moved my blog from Blogger over here to good ‘ol WordPress.  Pretty impressed so far, plus it’s accessible from here at work… so far.

Anyway, I plan to start updating this more often.  I’ve fallen behind with RL obligations, including a new addition to the family; my second son.

I hope to maybe clean up my old posts, since most were made prior to patches being released, and old info being in place.  Plus my character has come a long way since 3.1

I hope that you (whomever you are, if anybody actually reads this, haha) enjoy and continue to read my new-improved blog.

I especially want to thank some of my Twitter friends for inspiring me to pick back up where I left off, and bring the Light back.

More to come, I promise.


4 thoughts on “Illumination, now on WordPress

  1. Thanks Psynister. A year from now, when maybe, if I’m as fortunate as you all, I’ll be sure to include you in my thank you post… Official “FIRST” comment, haha.

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