Welcome back to the Light side of Illumination again.  After venturing over to the shield bashing world of tanking, I wanted to get back to my Holy roots, and ask a question of the other Holy Paladins out there.

Do you use Holy Shock?

I myself, have fallen in love with Holy Shock.  You see, I currently use more of a Flash of Light build, over the oh so popular Holy Light spam.  Maybe I’m in the minority using FoL, but I get my job done, without deaths, and though I may not be on top of the healing meters (like that actually matters), I am always pretty low on the overhealing.  With that in mind, Holy Shock is beautiful when paired with Flash of Light, especially when I have been tasked with raid healing (Yes, a Holy pally raid healing, it can be done).

In my own research, I have found that with the higher crit/haste gear currently available, though beautiful for HL spammers, is excellent for a FoL/HS build.  This is primarily because of the fact that faster FoL’s mean more heals on more people, in less time.  With Holy Shock (paired with Divine Favor and a high Crit rating), you get the added bonus of insta-FoL’s.  Now, I have built my set around high Spellpower (for bigger FoLs), high crit (for more changes at insta-FoLs), and a healthy dose of haste.  This allows for a decent raid healability, especially with the amount of movement required now-a-days; but also allows me to swap to the heal bombs when needed.

Am I just crazy, or do others heal/spec like I have?  And to reiterate the initial question, how much do you use Holy Shock?


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