Weekly Raid Fun

Good morning all.

Well, it’s Wednesday, and I’m sure that most of you (even the casual like me), have probably at least picked up your weekly raid quest, if not for the Triumph and Frost emblems, plus a little gold, but at least for the fun of it.  Well, I had a chance to actually sit down and play for a bit yesterday, and what a great day to do so.

This weeks raid was [Patchwerk Must Die!].  As usual, Trade chat is LOADED with folks looking to fill in groups, so I took the opportunity.  I mean how hard can Patchwerk be, when we practically out gear him by 50 iLevels.  Now, this isn’t a post about “LOL WOW iz EZ”, but instead taking advantage of our advanced gear and skillsets and making an easy fight fun.

Moving on, I was picked up as the second healer for a quick 10 man run into Naxx.  We all show up, fairly quickly, and make our way into the instance.  I myself commented, “/ra We are going to eat this place alive, haha”, I knew that we were going tear this place apart with very little effort.

Well, we made it into the hallway where Patchwerk paths through, and cleared the trash.  Apparently ‘ol Patchy had gotten word that we had shown up and decided to take his sweet time, walking all the way to the end of the hall, and waddling back at his own slow pace.

I was unsure who had decided to be MT, but I believe that the Bear tank pulled, and we were on our way.  Everything was going nice and smooth, even I was dps’n cause I had plenty of mana to spare, and the healing really wasn’t that hard right now.  Anyway, out of nowhere, I notice out of the corner of my eye, an abomination shows up, and begins to path straight towards the other healer.  So I slap him once or twice with some judgements, and get his attention, enough time for the tank to see him and pick him up.  Easy peasy, no big deal…. then something strange happened.  Suddenly from where that Abomination had shown up, a herd of slimes appear.  I have no idea where they came from, but they are the kind that if  they hit you, you’re down 1/4 hp, and are supposed to be kited.

This is where it got interesting.  The Shaman in the group quickly quipped “I’ll kite them, go ahead and finish him off”, shortly thereafter dying a slimy death.  He Ankh’d back up, and our tanks began to instead of holding Patchwerk in one place, kiting him around as best they could, and letting the DPS clear off the slimes.  In turn we finished him off, no quick victory, but an interesting one.

Basically what I’m getting at, is that no matter how “easy” things seem, expect the unexpected.  Maybe we’ll get some more glitches like this, and make the other “easy” bosses a little more interesting.


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