Introducing Khrados… and his Icy Touch

Khrados... the Darker side of IlluminationGood afternoon…

I, am Khrados, the darker side of Illumination.

I have only recently recovered my sanity from the will of the Lich King; twarting his minions, and attaining my place among the Alliance.  I was once a far kinder man, raised from my youth along side my brother Khraden; fashioned to become a great warrior… That was until my life changed, in a single moment.  I will not provide names, but I was betrayed, backstabbed while simply attempting to read a letter from a recent acquaintence.  In broad daylight, I was torn from my life, and thrown into the darkness of limbo.  But it appeared that the Lich King found me “worthy of his grace”, and bestowed unlife upon me.  I am still in search of the offender… vengance will be mine.

But enough of my banter, let us continue with the subject at hand.

It appears that as of recently, I may be more “threatening” than I used to be.  The powers that be have increased the threat generated by one of my most used abilities.  It seems that Icy Touch has become far more potent, and now threatens my foes with thoughts of large weapons being placed deep within their nether-regions.  A fellow “moody” Knight of the Ebon Blade has coined the term “Icy Dickpunch“; however, from what I have seen, it appears that I have coined the term “Icy Sodomy” and it seems to have caught on.  This only occurs, however, when I have taken on the presence of Frost; though any knowledgable Death Knight who wishes to lead a group to victory should know this.  When under this presence, Icy Sodomy can increase the threat upon your enemies 14 fold.

Even though I am far less seasoned then most Death Knights, it still provides an excellent improvement in getting the attention of those for whom I wish to slay.  Though I am not one to protect those around me, I would not want an enemy to escape without feeling my wrath.  Possibly you may feel the same; take advantage of this offer from our invisible overlords.. take advantage of it before it is taken away.

I must bid you all a farewell, I am needed in the snowy regions of the Grizzly Hills… there is death to bring.


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