Shared Topic: No comments = better bloggers?

Blog Azeroth just released a new Shared Topic for April 12th.  An interesting topic indeed.  The topic is the question: No comments = better bloggers?

In the current age of “Web 2.0” and the constant interaction of web users with each other, I feel that the statement is misleading, and in my own opinion false.  I am fairly new to the WoW Blogging community, and have yet to truly get my foot in the door; however, I have gotten several comments on my posts, and in turn replied to nearly all of them.

These comments range from “Nice Blog” to “Here’s what I think about the topic,” and I’d like to separate these kinds of comments to their main purpose in my mind.

To me, the “Nice Blog” comments are those that keep you going.  The kind of comments that bring a little grin to your face when you read them.  Especially for us fledgling bloggers.  They provide that bit of encouragement to push forward, and continue to make that attempt of keeping your readers informed (whether you really have any readers or not).  I have use them in this way myself.

The other “Here’s what I think about the topic” comments are those that provide you with a bit of direction.  I have had several comments on a few articles specifically that either point out agreement on a subject, or catch potential mistakes, whether they are real mistakes, or a change in interpretation.  A great example being those on my recent Paladin Predictions post.  These are crucial to my further development of my blog.  If I ever reach that pinnacle blogging plateau, I will continue to anticipate and relish these kinds of comments.

On a slightly different note, I try to actually accomodate and request comments.  This not only gives me extra eyes on the article, but also allows my own perception of a topic to expand, given the views of others.


7 thoughts on “Shared Topic: No comments = better bloggers?

  1. You don’t necessarily have to adhere your opinion to those who do leave “here’s what i think” comments. you’re the author of your blog, you’re entitled to your own opinion as far as things go.

    Regardless, the fact that someone would comment at all is enough to show that the person commenting was interested enough in that particular post (or your blog in general) to acknowledge that sentiment of interest.

    I look forward to you continuing to value your comments and commenters, as they provide a good source of motivation, and are an indicator of your blog’s appeal to its readers.

    • I don’t necessarily adhere to them, but rather add them to my own thoughts, and expand my horizons on the subject. Then, if I disagree, I then either reply and keep with my own opinion, or remove it outright. As many have said, there is not true free speech on your own blog.

  2. The entire purpose of blogging to me seems to be the connection. Would my blog improve without the potential for feedback on my thoughts and ideas?

    I wouldn’t bother with a blog in that case (though that may or may not be an improvement). I’m not much of a journal keeper and I know my own ideas. It’s the dialog that makes things interesting and worth spending time on.

    • I feel the same way. My blog is a way for me to get my thoughts and ideas out there, instead of letting them ferment in my head, and never go anywhere. Much like my personal “political” blog, which I use as a springboard to get things off my chest, but still keep within some ethical boundaries.

      I think that comments… like these on this post itself, are part of the reason that blogging has gone so far.

  3. I think that a blogger who is providing ideas and insight into any given topic should certainly have comments on thier posts as this leads to further discussion and thought on the point of the post.

    Informative or theory type blogs, to me, must have comments in order to fulfill the role they are trying represent. It provides a place for discussion and really is the key to keeping a blog alive. Different points of view can provide the blogger with a wealth of knowledge, keeping them thinking and thus providing insightful posts that warrent discussion and making the blog a better place for it.

    • I totally agree, and a case-in-point of this is my post on Paladin Raid Healing (which I actually wish that I had more comments on). I believe in that case, it was a matter of bad timing, as it happened to follow my April Fools Day post, and I didn’t clearly mark it as “Not April Fools”.

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