UPDATE: Paladin Preview Change

Manly Squeee!

Manly Squeee!

MMO Champion had a good point about the Paladin Date change announcement…

According to a post on the European forums, the Paladin class preview will be posted earlier than expected. The “european” part is important, something posted late on the 13th in the US is still counted as 14th in the EU. We’ll have to wait to hear from the US posters to get a definitive answers.

MANLY SQUEEEEEE!  It is possible that we may still hear about the Paladin changes as early as this evening.  Let’s see how lucky we get.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Paladin Preview Change

  1. Mid-raid: Someone tweets “Paladin changes are up”
    Someone in raid: “Hey twitter just said pally changes are up.”
    Half the raid: BRB READING

    (Between that possibility and Glee, I wonder what we’re going to get done tonight.)

    • I say, tell them that I’ll have commentary on the changes, and they can see them after the raid, haha. And to either DVR Glee, or just not watch it at all…. the latter is my plan, but that’s just me.

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