My Little Pony

Ok, that title is a bit derogatory for the sheer awesomeness that is the Celectial Steed.  It was just announced that the Celestial Steed and Lil XT will be added to the Blizzard Store.  Currently it costs $25.00 and is available right now.  Though I’m unsure if it is available to use in the game as of yet.  I do know, however, that it is available for all current and future characters on the account (Bind on Account).  This is awesome news!

Monkey likey sparkly horsie.

Monkey likey sparkly horsie.

Update: I gots me a horsie, and on a side note… Blizzard’s Store site is a bitch to navigate on a phone in an area with low signal strength.

There’s a lot of chatter going on on both Twitter and other blogs about the availability of a mount on the Blizzard Store.  Ramblings and points about the RMT system and how Blizzard is creeping it’s way into it.

I, however, disagree.  Currently on the store are only non-combat pets, and, at the moment, one mount.  Now, Blizzard states that it does not wish to provide useful items to the Blizzard store, only vanity items, etc.  To me, I consider mounts vanity items.

Here’s why.

Reason the first: Everybody can get them without having to do a dungeon, or run a raid, or even PvP.  All they have to do is get enough gold to pick up the riding skill and the mount, that’s all.

Reason the second: They do not increase your ability to play the game.  By this I mean, they do not increase your attack power or spell power.  They do not increase your mana pool or armor value.  The only thing that they do is provide you with a quick way to get from point A to point B.

Reason the third: There are some complaints about it being the coolest looking mount currently in the game.  I will agree, as I think it’s damn beautiful; however, if you are going to pay real money for something, you might as well get your money’s worth. I agree, the other best looking mounts in the game do require skill and a good group to attain, especially the Reins of Invincible (*drooool*), but on the flip side, any mounts purchased with real money are still going to have that stigma.  They may look cool, but everybody will know that you didn’t do anything special to get it.

Reason the fourth: As long as Blizzard sticks to it’s guns, and does not decide to provide “XP potions”, or armor/weapons on the store… then I’m going to be happy.  When it gets to the point where you can buy yourself into a raid, then it’s gone to far.

I plan to update this further once I make the decision to buy the mount myself, and as new information comes into the light about it.


8 thoughts on “My Little Pony

  1. I would object more if Invincible weren’t the most amazing BAMF of horses imaginable.

    Let the casuals (and girls with no willpower against ponies) have the sparkle star pony, and let the elitists get the undead equine god. Fair enough to me!

    • Absolutely. Not to say that I would not die if I was in a run of H25LK, and happened to win the roll for Invincible… needless to say I’d probably have to change pants. But it is a completely different situation then the Celestial Steed.

      Now, I know that Invincible and the Sparkle Pony do share a model, but there is a major difference between the two in sheer coolness, and lore.

      Either way, I’ve got my cool flying mount (on all characters now), and will enjoy it nonetheless.

  2. WTB ability to buy white-quality Armor/Weapons for RP purposes. Or armor dye. (I’m so tired of looking at depressing colors in my gear.) /firmly on non-game boosting microtransaction boat

    (Can’t wait to get home and buy my NO NO NO NO NO… bwahaha. I actually think I’m more excited about XT than the mount, but I’m getting both.) ^-^

    • I could see some armor recolors, though tier level gear is often defined by the color that it is. It would make it a bit more difficult to see what a character has equipped (Yes, I don’t go by GS, I actually look at their character sheet, lol).

      I can’t remember, but I thought that I remember there being a possibility of Blacksmithing not only being able to reforge stats, but possibly colors. been a while since I read the preview for that, but even so, that would be a good idea, and save a lot of us money.

      • I know I remember seeing something for the cloaks that will allow you to put an overlay on it that matches the faction crests. Colors on gear though I don’t remember seeing but it would be nice if they did allow us some versatility. There was mention of a “Dance Studio” that would allow you to redesign your characters dance, but that could have been a silly rumor too.

      • I think that the Dance Studio is still on their plate, but it’s back there with the peas and carrots, and not up front with the steak. I do believe that the “overcloaks” will be introduced when Gnomeregon gets retaken, as it seems to have been introduced when that code was put into the data. So, we’ll have to see. I sure would love to have an overcloak myself.

  3. Well GhostCrawler did promise everyone a pony right? He just forgot to mention you would have to pay $25 for it 😛

    I’m honestly shocked that Bliz has made this mount available to anyone who wants to spend a little bit of thier cash. I had fully expected to see it as a rare lootcard prize or some other unattainable method (at least for me) and was squee’ing like a little five year old when I was told it was for sale at the pet store.

    So, I’m now the proud owner of Sparkle Pony and I will ride him with pride! Even if there are already a BAJILLION of them pracing about my server haha.

    • I agree, I never did think that I’d every buy anything from the Pet store, but this was too good to pass up, and the fact that I was likely within the first 200 to get it makes me feel even better, cause it sounds like wait times are rising into the 7 hour range now.

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