To respec, or not to respec

I’m having a bit of a crisis.. ok, not a crisis, but a bit of a conundrum.

To Ret, or not to Ret, that is the question.

To Ret, or not to Ret, that is the question.

I’ve got some decent ret gear… sitting in the bank, all kinds of fancy two-handers to choose from, and some Tier 9 level gear to top it off.

I’ve recently been debating whether or not to change out my tank spec for a little while and have some fun as a DPS spec. I have definitely enjoyed having no wait time, and really enjoy tanking, but it’s been a while since I got to look really evil in my Dragonsteel Faceplate.

I’ve also thought about the time that it would provide me. If I decided to go Ret, then I could do my Daily LFD as DPS, and only DPS, this would enact the wait time that most DPS have.  Because of this wait time, I would then have time to fart around in Sholizar (I keep forgetting to pick up an egg from the Oracles), or finishing up my Explorer and Loremaster achievements that I wanted to get before Cataclysm.

I think that it is a point of discipline. Right now, I will simply get on, hit the button and do the daily dungeon real quick (nearly no wait time), then be lost as to what to do next, and just log off, or get on an alt. The reason that I just log off is because I have nothing to look forward to, or fill in the wait time, because there is none.

I also feel it’s a bit of the OCD in me.  I want to try to get the best gear that I can get as a casual raider/dungeon runner, and do the DPS that I feel that I should be able to do. I was ret before, and it was fun, but I felt that I didn’t match up to those who had done it for a while before, much like I felt when I started tanking. If I decide this, I’d have to have the determination to keep my off spec Ret for a decent period of time to get used to the feel of the spec. This is the discipline part that I talk about. I’d likely swap specs back to Protection if asked by the guild for a run, but would need the determination to go back afterwards.

Lastly, I feel that it would be good for the blog as well. There aren’t a whole lot of Ret DPS blogs out there (at least that I haven’t found yet), and I would like to try it out. Often big Yellow numbers can be more fun to post about than big Green numbers.

What are your suggestions readers? I’m willing to change, should I?


2 thoughts on “To respec, or not to respec

  1. Right now my specs are Holy PvE/Holy PvE(Ret PvE). >.<

    My ret spec is almost there–it would be fine for lolheroics (except maybe the ICC ones, which I'd be scared of anyways) or just questing (which is honestly where the bulk of my lolret happens anyways.

    I was prot for a long time, and then I hit 80 and realized 1)I hate tanking at high levels and 2)People in LFD are really inconsiderate to gearing tanks (even when said tank is in a gear-level appropriate dungeon). Currently, the prot gear I have left is stuff I can't vendor (tier, librams).

    Red Power Ranger is also an attractive option. :p

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