The ayes have it

Though there were few votes (8 in total), I have decided to follow the advice, and have a little bit of fun.  Last night, while my wife was giving my son a bath, I hopped online and respec’d my Protection offspec to Retribution.  Sadly, as often happens when decisions are made, Trade chat is suddenly filled with “LFM Tank & Heals for ICC10” and “LFM Tanks for VoA25” *sigh* C’est la vie.  As I said during my last post, I plan to stick to this new spec for a while.

So, without further ado, here is Khraden decked out in his scary spiky helmet.

The Spiky Ret Khraden.

The Spiky Ret Khraden.

I’m not totally sure about the spec that I put together, but was in a bit of a hurry, and wanted to go ahead and put together a basic spec, and fix it up later. I did try out some rotations on the training dummy in IF, and was able to attain about 2.8k dps, and that was without really optimizing my gear, including forgetting to swap out my libram, forgetting my ret trinkets, and not reglyphing yet.  So I hope to get a bit higher when I get a chance to really work on it.

Protip: Hit Exodar to use the Training Dummy, it’s so much less crowded.

Anyway, here’s the rotation that I was using, and please, don’t laugh, I’m just a beginner 😛

Divine Plea (to get the mana regen started)
Judgement of Light (likely to use it more than wiz, cause we often have a pally healer)
Crusader Strike
Divine Storm
Concecration (optional dependant on mana reserves)

Rince, repeat as cooldowns arise.

I decided to use Judgement of Light before Crusader Strike, simply because it places Heart of the Crusader on the target, allowing more chances for Crusader Strike, and the Divine Storm attacks to crit. It is most likely that I will swap Divine Storm and Crusader Strike for groups of mobs, so that I get more damage out at the opening of battle.

I had forgotten how cooldown dependant the Retribution Paladin was.  I would slap all my attacks out, and then wait, while all my damage dealin abilities would be on cooldown, scanning my bars for something else to use. It almost felt like I should have been throwing pebbles at the target while I waited. I’m sure that will clear up the more I try it out though.

As for glyphs, I ended up picking a few out, just from looking at the AH, but will likely be swapping Glyph of Crusader Strike out with Glyph of Seal of Vengeance, simply because I don’t appear to be having trouble with mana yet, with Divine Plea and Judgements of the Wise keeping the trickle of mana coming in. In additoin to that I have Glyph of Exorcism and Glyph of Judgement in the other two spots. It is suggested that Glyph of Concecration should be used, but I don’t totally see the benefit of 2 extra ticks of Concecration. I kept the minors that I already had, as there isn’t much to choose from, and they already included Glyph of Sense Undead.

I’m currently just below hit cap, but with the change of one piece of gear can increase my hit to surpass the hit cap, but drop my AP and Strength a bit.  Not sure if it’s worth it, but will likely try it out to see how it goes. I am also far below expertise cap, though I have another weapon that may increase that value, but again, in turn drop my strength/AP.

Unbuffed stats.

Unbuffed stats.

Needless to say, I’ve got a good bit to go to optimize this build and the gear with it.  With the availability of gear with the inception of Emblems of Triumph, I’m sure it won’t be too long before I get these straightened out. (Note that I still haven’t even equiped my ret trinkets yet.. *sigh*)

We’ll see how this little experiment goes.  If anybody has any suggestions, please throw them my way, I’d love to hear about them.


10 thoughts on “The ayes have it

  1. Have a look at the following FAQ for Ret info: . It may feel a bit cookie-cutter but it should give you a very good grounding of the arguments surrounding certain choices you can make.

    Other points, more of a novelty unless you plan to raid a little as Ret:

    1) The glyph of consecration is useful because it reduces Global Cooldown clashes thus improving DPS, and makes Consecration more mana efficient, essential with a spell that makes up a large part of your DPS. It generally is better than GoExorcism, worse than GoJudgement and GoSoV (when below the expertise cap).

    2) Throwing Sacred Shield / Hand of Salvation on yourself during periods when have spare GCD’s with nothing to press can help a lot in raiding situations.

    3) Don’t Forget Holy Wrath against Undead!

    4) Be very careful of aggro, especially in the newer 5-mans where over-aggroing can cause you to go splat.

    Enjoy your time as Ret!

    • Awesome, thank you. I’m unable to see Eye for an Eye from where I’m at, but will likely take a look at it on my phone.

      I never thought about using Sacred Shield or Hand of Salvation when waiting on cooldowns, good advice, though would Hand of Salvation put a damper on your dps, since it reduces damage dealt as well?

      I think that I understand the concept of Glyph of Concecration now, and how it can fill in some of that downtime, and provide a buffer between cooldowns.

      Also, I love Holy Wrath, and use it in extreme amounts in certain instances.

  2. Aww I’m sad that I missed the vote but HAZAH great choice I say! I run my pally holy/ret and though I find myself in ret only on occasion it can be fun to let lose a little bridled up holy fury sometimes. Ret is pretty – tame – compared to some of the other dps classes you can play out there… and at times even boring since you are essentially facerolling like four buttons.
    Make sure that you are running Seal of Command if you are not focusing down a single mob (IE bosses). This will up your aoe dps quite a bit as it applies your attacks to multiple targets when it is active. I rarely use Seal of Vengeance expect for boss fights (when I remember to change).

    Going for hit (263 -8%) & expertise (26) cap are your biggest priorities – all you other stats have to take a back seat until then. You may notice that you’re strength/AtP will go down just a little but you will be hitting things like you mean it and that will make up for a loss in stats.

    As far as rotation goes, I normally judge/strike/DS /Crate; I will toss Exorcism in there as I get Art of War procs that make it an insta cast as really getting in there and getting Heart of the Crusader up and then allowing Seal of Command to shine in all of its aoe damage glory is so very exciting, haha. Plus waiting till you have a proc normally means it isn’t on cool down when everything else is (all three buttons worth!) and less time just spent swinging your axe. Of course, you can always toss out heals with AoW procs or salvations/sacrifice/sacred shields/etc if you notice your teammates are in need of some assistance. I will keep Sacred Shields up a lot of times on non Pally tanks if there isn’t a pally healing the group or I’m not being a bad dps and pulling threat from the tank an using it on myself 😛

    Enjoy unleashing Holy Vengeneace!

    • I’m getting a lot more good comments on this post than I had expected. I completely forgot to mention using Exorcism on AoW procs, because I did remember to do that when testing out my rotations. Also, since I was testing on the “boss” dummy, I was using Seal of Vengeance, so even then the Expertise increase would have been helpful.

      Thank you also for the notes on trying to max out my +Hit and +Expertise before worrying about topping out my strength. I don’t think that I ever realized how much actually hitting your target mattered until I took a look at my recount details, and saw how many attacks had been parried.

      My +Hit is nearly where it needs to be and didn’t seem to be as much of an issue, but my +Expertise is really lacking.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that if you are a bit low on expertise, try using an elixir or food until you can cap it. (Probably an obvious thing, but… yah I tend to forget about topping stats like that off by using pots/food etc… :P) Elixir of Expertise = 45 & Rhinolicious Wormsteak = 40, so with those two or even one depending on how far off you are should help until you are able to get some upgrades that will either have Exp on the gear already or allow for gemming (if necessary).
        You can use Elixir of Accuracy = 45 & Snapper Extreme = 40 to help even out your hit as well.

  3. The best retadin priority system you can use shifts, depending on your tier set bonuses, your libram, how many critters you’re fighting, and whether or not they’re demons/undead. Your rotation you listed there is fine, except stick that exorcism at the end, when you’re starting a fight, you don’t want to wait around for the cast time when you could instead be running towards your target as fast as Pursuit of Justice allows.

    Best advice I could give to you though, is to make a macro for every attack, and stick a “/startattack” in front of it. On their own, none of Divine Storm, Consecrate, and Exorcism will start you autoattacking, and the other attacks won’t either if they’re on cooldown when you use em. I made that change recently and it gave me about a 15% DPS increase on trash, and it probably gave me a percent or two even on boss fights when there’s a target switch involved.

    Also, get those two-piece set bonuses for tier 9 and (if you can spare the frosts, or get really lucky in VoA) tier 10 as quick as you can. They’re literally the best two set bonuses we’ve gotten this expansion.

    • That’s some good advice, thank you. I did realize that Divine Storm and Consecrate did not start the swing timer, but never thought about macro’n that in there. Instead I would just use a judgement first, or something like that. However, as you stated, if that’s on cooldown, there isn’t much that will start it outside of the macro or physically clicking the target.

      Also, a good point about switching targets and keeping that macro in mind.

      I plan to try and run some heroics this weekend and stock up on some Triumph badges, so that I can start upgrading some of my pieces (still have some tier 7 *gasp*). I would likely use VoA as my source for any offset T10, simply because all my Frost Emblems go towards my Holy set, at least for now.

      • I hear ya, mainspec upgrades are mainspec, after all. Too bad the 4-piece bonus for Holy really leaves a lot to be desired.

        Good luck facerolling!

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