Bullseye – Hit and Expertise

Well, my Retribution experiment has continued over the weekend. I think that the progress has come along well… so far.

First off, I’m a poor pally, I hardly ever have any gold on hand, so I usually never spend it on rediculously priced items on the AH. In addition, this is my off spec, so money would go to Holy gear anyway.

So, these changes are using onhand items only, plus a little bit of gemming/enchants off of the AH. The changes nearly brought me where I should be, and from what little testing I’ve been able to do, I believe that the gear is getting to where it should be.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Gloves: I’ve swapped out the old Valorous Redemption Gauntlets with the current T9 Tank gloves I already had.  They already had more strength, also as I had already enchanted and gemmed them to increase my Expertise & Hit, they worked well with my current set (though the +parry/+defense wasn’t much help, never can hurt).  I’m currently about 5 emblems away from grabbing the actual Ret gloves, so these are only temporary.
  • Chest: Updated the enchant to +10 to All stats over the +6 that I had.
  • Legs: Changed the ToC5 legs out for the ‘ol standby of Staggering Legplates from Utgarde Keep (Heroic). I’ve had them for a while, and thought that they’d be of use, so I held onto them.  Lucky I did, because they brought my +Hit above where I needed it to be, allowing me to do a bit of reorganization elsewhere.
  • Weapon: Swapped out the Tyrannical Beheader for the Mourning Malice 2H sword. Increased my expertise rating by 73, bringing it up to about 17 expertise. Didn’t have the cash on hand to get a better enchant, so I just threw some Greater Savagery on it, still +85 Attack Power, so not a bad enchant for the time being.
  • Relic: Pulled out the old Libram of Discord out of the bank, trying to save up Frost Emblems for my T10 helmet for my Holy set, but once I’ve got that, I’ll probably grab the Frost Emblem Libram.
  • Trinkets: Hit my bank, and found a Meterorite Whetstone that I had, as well as the good ‘ol Mirror of Truth. Not sure what to upgrade to, though the Banner of Victory looks like a good Mirror of Truth replacement, we’ll see how that goes.
  • Glyphs: Picked up Glyph of Consecration and Glyph of Seal of Vengeance to replace Glyph of Exorcism and Glyph of Crusader Strike. I didn’t seem to have any trouble with mana, so the Crusader Strike glyph was an easy change. Glyph of Exorcism, I felt, would be of good use, but after reading some of my comments from my last Ret post, Glyph of Consecration did make sense.

These changes increased my dps by nearly 1k, a wicked change. Current Melee stats are:

Damage: 1580-1906
Speed: 3.33
Power: 3413
Hit Rating: 336
Crit Chance: 27.67%
Expertise: 17

Now, with the change in Glyphs, when I’m pounding on bosses I can be sure to switch to Seal of Vengeance, and up my Expertise by 10… bringing it to 27 (I believe that’s what it did, was to busy to actually check, haha). This brings me 1 Expertise over where I need to be, maxing my Expertise to where it needs to be.

Some of that testing that I was able to do was both a little bit of beating on a test dummy, but I didn’t feel that it was really proper data. So, I planned on hitting a few heroics to see how the new spec and gear worked out. The first group I hit was Heroic Old Kingdom. Of course these were a little bit inflated due to the fact that nearly everything was Undead, so I was able to throw some Holy Wrath out and get some extra points of DPS out, but id did feel more powerful. Nice quick run (skipped two bosses, but oh well).

Next up, I hit Heroic Gundrak. Far fewer undead, so I felt that it would be a much better view of my real dps scores. Started it up, and some issues occurred, waiting on some of the DPS who didn’t enter the right door, etc. So once we got going, it was time to bring the pain. I don’t believe in damage meters, but did help me determine how well my rotations were doing. I stayed at the top of the charts, even with a Mage and Hunter in the party.  We were all gearing up, but it was still an accomplishment. I hit about 4k dps on Gal’darah, even with a few knockbacks happening.  The group tore into him pretty good, and it was a really quick fight, so I wasn’t able to truly get the feel of my rotation, but it was helpful in getting into some groove.

So, I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy this spec as much as I did tanking.  it’s going to be interesting having to wait for dungeons, but we’ll see how it goes.  If I’m fortunate enough to hit a raid or two, I’ll give an update on the differences between the gear makeup of the other dps, and this poor fledgling Ret pally.

Later today, keep an eye out for the new Raid changes just released this morning.  Some interesting information.


6 thoughts on “Bullseye – Hit and Expertise

  1. Okay, a few things here:

    1) In no way is Mourning Malice better than Tyrannical Beheader. Weapon DPS is by far the most important stat on any weapon and even all that Expertise can’t make up the difference.

    2) The Triumph Badger reward Libram of Valiance is a more cost effective Libram to go for at this stage. Spend those Emblems of Frost elsewhere (for now), such as on your Ret T10 shoulders/gloves.

    3) Glyphs look OKNP. Trinkets are always a catch-22, but if you’re seriously down on Hit the EoT +Hit/AP trinket can help, giving you more flexibility on other slots. As things stand with now though, MoT+Banner is probably the best combination unless you get lucky or change your gear significantly. ToC-10/25 has some nice trinkets you may be able to snaffle as off-spec.

    Personally, I tend to use sockets (esp yellow/red) to give me fine control over my Hit Rating.

    A great Best In Slot list can be found on Caer Morrigan’s blog here, with some explanation of how the weightings are calculated:


    Frankly, it rocks.

    And I’m not sure it’d help, but my Ret Pally is probably a good example of gear gettable from Badgers/Heroics/Crafting.


    Good luck, and have fun 🙂

    (sorry for preachy tone 🙂 )

    • I only felt that with the number of parries that I was getting on a boss dummy, that reaching my expertise cap would have been a good change. I do agree that the loss of strength, and overal weapon dps was decent, but haven’t gotten around to testing by how much.

      I didn’t think about mixing the MoT+Banner trinkets, that would be a monster of a buff if both popped. Thanks for the comment on the libram, I just hate spending my frost emblems on offset items, before having all my main set pieces in place. I may have to look into that once I have a chance to run multiple dungeons, and pick up the pace on grabbing emblems.

      • Oh my lord, I completely forgot about that. I guess that I should have been standing behind the test dummy, eh 😛 No wonder my dps was so much higher on the actual bosses (who I stand behind), and lower on the test dummies… unless the test dummies don’t differenciate that (though I thought they did).

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