The Destroyer

The Destroyer

Just a quick picture update. It’s been floating around the web, and turns out to be real. Here’s the leaked picture of the ingame Deathwing model.

I have two words: FREAKING AWESOME. Period, they hit this model spot on, increadible job by the boys (and girls) at Blizzard. Even more to whet the appetite. Enjoy.

Deathwing the Destroyer

Deathwing the Destroyer

 They have done an amazing job of putting to scale the sheer size of him, as well as the fact that his very body is being held together by metal plates. Almost looks like a molten mountain with legs.


One thought on “Deathwing


    Wow, I must say I’m rather impressed with the model, he looks very formidable. I do have to wonder why he is hanging out on the bridge to SW though? Maybe he is handing out DeathWing suckers?

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