Cataclysm Speculations: Old Gods

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day

Blizzard had recently announced that the the Friends & Family Beta/Alpha testing has begun. According to the Blues, the F&F Testing is covered by a NDA (Non Discloser Act). Well, that doesn’t always stop everybody. Just last night, MMO-Champion spewed some sweet screenshots onto their front page. Allegedly, these are from the Alpha client, and are views of some of the affected areas. Well, I’m a sucker for spoilers, especially pretty eye candy like these. So, I plan to point out a few that I found interesting.

Just in case, here’s a SPOILER ALERT! I plan to post some of the images as well as some speculation on them, so please don’t continue if you don’t plan to see anything till Cataclysm is released.

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, then you don’t mind a bit of speculation, and some pretty Cataclysm pictures.

To start off, we’ll talk about the screenshot recently posted as the Screenshot of the Day on the WoW site.

You see the guys pointed out?


Faceless (Click for slightly larger version)

These guys have a very close resemblance to the Faceless up in Northrend. You know, the guys who are buddy buddy with Yoggy, and most likely spawn of Old Gods. It makes me look back to what Vash’jir is, and how it got to the bottom of the ocean, and who’s the boss down there.

According to legend, Vash’jir is the capital of the Naga, it was once Zin-Azshara, capital of the kaldorei Highborne, those favored by Queen Azshara. Well, it ended up on the bottom of the sea, due to the Sundering caused at the original Well of Eternity. As Queen Azshara was being pulled into the depths, she was spoken to by an entity, it was never determined what this entity was, but it was obviously an Old God in my mind. This entity is also what transformed Azshara and her Highborne into the Naga they are today.

So, having this information, it is very obvious that there is likely an Old God presense within Vash’jir. This would also explain the fancy dress wearing Faceless Ones, who are visible in the screenshot. So, my prediction… we’re going to see another creepy Lovecraftian tentacle monster again. Please keep an eye on any of your daughters wearing schoolgirl uniforms, it could only mean trouble for them.

Tentacle Monster

Another Tentacle Monster in Twighlight Highlands.

Next up, is an image that I found from the “Alpha Client” post on MMO-Champion. This image shows the “Master’s Glaive” area in what was once Ashenvale. Apparently the Cataclysm has REALLY affected this area, not just the topography, or possession by the Horde. It appears that, according to my speculation, the Twilight’s Hammer have been excavating the “Master’s Glaive” area, to reveal what really is under all that dirt and trees. Ok, scratch that, the Twighlight Highlands, are the area around Grim Batol, and the Wetlands, so this is a completely new tentacale thingy. From the picture, the area, now called the Twilight Highlands, it appears that what we originally saw at Master’s Glaive, may also, only be the tip of the iceberg. Now, I could be mistaken, and the one at Master’s Glaive is just something smaller, but the characteristics are similar.

This now brings a completely new view on the situation. it was noted in some Warcraft lore (Day of the Dragon) that Grim Batol continues to have a very unsettling feeling, it is also where Deathwing hung out for a while when the Orcs were breeding the Red Dragon flight to fight for them. Because of this, it does not surprise me that there may be an Old God presence in the area.

I’m guessing that they plan to try and resurrect this big’ol nasty. It does have a similar appearance to the Faceless Ones, even a bit of a really big version of General Vezax. This points towards more Old Gods again, along with the comic book series getting all freaky deeky with Cho’gall.

Cho'Gall Prophecy

Cho'Gall Prophecy

Cho'Gall Prophecy Part II

Cho'Gall Prophecy Part II

 Apparently, he’s all about resurrecting/summoning an old god. On top of being over the Twilight Hammer clan. (He also appears to be turning into half chicken.) It appears that the Twilight Hammer clan will be having a pretty big part in the expansion, much more than their side quest status in current WoW. I agree with Shade’s of Grey, in feeling that Cataclysm is going to have a lot more focus beyond just Deathwing. There are going to be some interesting story twists I feel.

Well that’s it for today’s speculation, I hope to change the subject up later, with more spoilers for those who want to see/hear them. Until then, watch out for tentacles.


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