Draenei Rejoice

Alright, I had to do this once, because once I saw the image, I had this thought instantly hit. So, a quick spoiler before I’m off for the weekend. It is Paladin specific, so I’ll include it on this site for now.

Spoiler Alert

I am assuming that the following images, may be, from my estimation, the new mounts that Blizzard was talking about when comments were made on how awkwardly the Draenei ride the current Paladin Chargers. So, from what I can tell, these will be the new mounts…. if so… I’m may be doing a race change, lol.

What do you think. What made me think this is two things. First, the armor is obviously different from the normal elekk armor, and to top it off matches that of the Draenei Vindicators (Paladins). To top it off, this mount also has the golden glow that the other paladin mounts have. It suggests that these may be the new mounts to replace the Warhorse and Charger for Draenei only.

Of course, this is all speculation, so we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Draenei Rejoice

  1. What I’m hoping is that we are going to see updated models for several of our old favorites as well. Just by looking at the new screen shots as well as the NPC/monster models it is very clear they are more textured and detailed compared to what we have now. Even the goblin and worgen models have greater detail than our current character models. While these two mounts may be something specific to class, I think we may wind up seeing ALL of our mounts (amoung other things) see revamped pixels in the new Xpack.

    • It would be nice to have more “hi-def” textures used, and WotLK did that somewhat when it was released. Just compare the new quest items with those from early BC. No more clown suits.

      I have noticed a rising trend though later on in WotLK, in the increased texture detail, and even model detail of not only the models, items/gear, but the instances themselves. I was awestruck when I first saw the rising Frozen Throne in the middle of ICC.

      I do see a lot of updates in the textures in the leaked images so far, so that may be what we should be expecting from Cataclysm.

      As for the character models, I love how both the goblins and especially the worgen move. It really shows the scale of each, since the Worgen are a bit bigger than a human (nearly Draenei size), they seem to lumber a bit awkwardly, much like I would expect from something that has just transformed. The goblins have a much smoother movement then the current models, and looks really good too.

      I have also seen the new model for Prince Anduin Wrynn, which is a great change, from the goofy looking kid he used to be. Also, every twitter developer chat, I try to push the question about them updating the human model. It currently is the most outdated, and plain of them all. They still look like they’re really uncomfortable standing there. We’ll have to see.

  2. Thank you so much for saving these pictures. I’ve been looking for them to show guildies ever since they were taken down from MMO-Champion.
    I definatly agree with you that these will be Draenei Paladin mounts, I’m just wondering wether they will get there own quest chains put in the game for those that wish to do it or if they are just given to us.

    • It would be nice, though I doubt that they would go that far. I tried to save those and the Tauren Kodo mounts, cause I’m pretty sure that I’m right.

      Still got some other screens, but unsure if I want to post them yet.

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