Kodo Pally

Yup, just another spoiler, but everyone should already know that Tauren are going to be able to be Paladins, well I believe that I found their mounts. Since they seem to be more “sunblessed” also known as the “Sunwalkers”.  This becomes more apparent in their mounts. Again, it’s paladin related, so I’ll post it here.

So, as usual, here’s the spoiler banner, below is the goods.

Spoiler AlertWell, here they are. Again, I point out the glowing affect on the “charger”, the warkodo I can only assume is the 60% version, simply because of the coloring. Since Tauren are still very nature oriented, and in following with their current culture, I can understand the color scheme.

Tauren are a different kind of paladin. See this excerpt from WoWWiki:

As of the Cataclysm expansion, Tauren will be the second race of the Horde to be able to take on the role of paladin. Tauren paladins will be called Sunwalkers according to Kisirani, who also stated that the mount for the tauren paladins hasn’t been decided, but will likely not be the charger: “Tauren would certainly look strange on an armored charger, wouldn’t they?” You can find the first Tauren paladin ingame on The Elder Rise in Thunderbluff named Aponi Brightmane. She has a conversation with Tahu Sagewind about drawing powers from the sun as the Druid can draw power from the moon.

So, that’s the goods, we’ll see what the future brings.


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