What a weekend

Happy Monday folks… if Monday’s can be happy.

I was able to get online a bit this weekend, even having a late night raid till about 2:00 Friday night. Lots of stuff happened, just look at my latest Character Tracker. Well, lots of stuff for a very casual player who isn’t able to get on very often.

Orgrim's Hammer

I started out, just messin’ around on the laptop, since it’s got a much lower framerate, I usually only quest and explore on there, so I decided to finally complete my World Explorer achievement. I was only a few zones away from getting Explore Kalimdor which would be the last touch. So I set up a roadmap to start with Talonbranch Glade in Felwood which was so far out of the way that I just got it done first. I then meandored my way into the Stonetalon Mountains and cleared the four last undiscovered locations there, moving my way southwest so that I could move right into Desolace. Once I got there, I took the long western shore, and finished up on the southeast corner, and moved into Feralas. From there I fortunately had only a few that were somewhat right off the road, and completed that zone. I happened to have some Elixer of Fortitudes that I had bought a while back to finish up my Sprite Darter quest, so I took the road into Shimmering Flats, but didn’t realize that I had a time limit on getting the egg back to Hinterlands, so I currently have a dead baby Sprite Darter egg sitting in my bag *sad*. After grabbing that, I took the elevator up to the Southern Barrens and picked up the one spot that I didn’t have in that area, and made my way into Mulgore.  There were a few here, mostly in a big circle from the east side around the bottom of the map up to the northwest corner of Thunder Bluff.

It was a relief to finally see that last flash of swirly light, and the World Explorer achivement get completed. I would consider it part of my Bucket list of things to do before Cataclysm, so it’s now marked off.

Next up, Lord Jarraxus Must Die! was the weekly raid quest, and it is often that I don’t get a chance to attempt the weekly until the week is almost over. Well, I was able to get on for a while Friday night, and it turned out that some of the Guildies haven’t had a chance to run it on their alts, including the GM, so they threw a group together, and I was kind of iffy as to if I wanted to join, as I didn’t know how far they’d go, since I really wasn’t sure how long I’d be on. They did say that they were going to go the whole way, so I bit the bullet and decided to go, heck I may even get some Ret gear out of it.

Anyway, my wife decided that she was going to get on Facebook for a while then go to bed, so I told her that I was going to stay up for a while. (Family balance is important.) Anyway, we got to ToC, I think that I was one of two Mains in the raid, the rest were alts of the other guildies.

I think that we had one wipe, though most of us were overgeared for the encounter, just shaking the cobwebs, and getting back into the swing of healing again. Pretty much cleaned the place out, no gear for me, but I still needed the Emblems anyway, so it was worth it, plus it cleared out the weekly raid quest, which is just another plus.

Next up I was in the raiding mood, so I wandered around Dalaran, watching Trade chat. Got my fishing and cooking dailies done, and noticed somebody looking for a Healer for an ICC fresh run. The guild had already cancelled theirs for the night, so I decided to again bite the bullet, and try this pug attempt. Took a bit to get the group filled, but just allowed me some time to pick up some supplies and get some mats together for the raid.  Headed in after we finally were able to clear up an issue with one of the raid members alts (who he was forming the group with) being saved already, and it not reseting when he moved to his other character. Anyway, it looked like a decent group, it was a Pally and Warrior tank, a few of ranged dps, with a decent amount of melee (two rogues, ret pally, DK), along with me and a druid healer.

I thought that this would be pretty fun, but then the player deaths started happening… I wasn’t totally sure what was going on, though I will stand my my assumption that it was not us healer’s fault, but that some DPS were standing where they shouldn’t have, nor getting rid of the webs on us healers. Anyway, that’s for another story. We made it through up to Marrowgar, having to kill some extra giants, because the NPS decided to set off the traps as they ran in… ugh. This was only the second time that I’ve ever healed Marrowgar, but I know the fight well enough from tanking it, that it wasn’t a problem. We even got the “Boned” achievement, though I’m not sure how. The OT was a little bit undergeared, but had more than enough stamina for us to keep him alive. Sadly, I was again healing when the Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore dropped, so it went to the Ret Pally who was using the Tyrannical Beheader like I was… *sigh* I didn’t think that I’d have a chance at any of the other 2handers either, since the DK DPS was also using the Tyrannical Beheader.  C’est la vie.

Moved on to Lady Deathwhisper, had some issues with the tanks pulling early, but were able to keep up, and keep everyone alive. For once, this PUG actually knew to not stand in the middle of the melee group when they got the debuff from the big spider guys in the room. Bravo! So, we moved on to the Lady herself. I had the left side, and the Druid had the right. Things started off a bit rough with one of the melee adds getting transformed, and our lack of ranged taking longer than normal to get him down. We held on, and it seemed that the group was holding together, despite some setbacks. One of the rogues mistakenly started Phase 2 a bit early, by clearing the last bit of her mana shield with some quick burst damage. It was ok though, since the last add was just going down. Took her out, and moved on. I did get some DPS gloves, though they are mail, off of her, so we’ll see how they do.

Moved up to the LOLship battle. We lost one of the tanks, and were able to pick another one up. Turns out this one had not done the Gunship Battle where he jumps back after the mage is dead, though I’ve never done it any other way. So the first try was a wipe, since we just couldn’t keep him up against the stacking buff. Second try went beautifully though, and we knocked out the Orgrim’s Hammer. Sadly, I was again healing when the plate DPS boots dropped… *sigh*

On to Saurfang. I don’t think that I had ever healed this, but had a really good understanding of how to do the fight from the tanking perspective, and had read strats on Pally healing for the encounter. First try, like those before it, was a wipe. Too many people were aggroing the Blood Beasts, and they were going nuts in the melee group, and the ranged weren’t spread out far enough, so blood boil was getting multiple points back to him. He simply started getting way too many blood points for us to keep up with the healing.  Next attempt though was nice and clean. We even had two Marks go out, and I was able to keep both of them up while the Druid took care of the raid. I did help a bit with the tanks, but the Marks were really important to keep alive, since our DPS just didn’t seem to be as high as it should be. Guess what he dropped… yup you guessed it, Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling… *sigh* I did end up with a cloth headpiece out of the whole thing, which I still feel weird wearing, but the 2pT9 set bonus just isn’t worth holding onto.

Well, the raid kind of fell apart after this, most folks were just tired, and had decided to call it a night, but there were still 8 of us left, and the ICC raid quest was to get the residue off of the lard brothers. We even thought that maybe we’ll take on Valrithria. This is when the night started to get fun. With 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 4 dps, we made our way into the Upper Spire. Now, for some history, I’ve never actually been to any fights beyond Saurfang… ya, I’m that behind, haha.

First thing we did was move on to the east side, and do the Valkyr event, and were successful, not a single death. Clearing our way up the stairs. But then we lost one of the dps mid way through the Valkyr event (DC’d), and decided that we’d be cutting it close going for Valrithria. So decided to make it over to the Plagueworks.

Suprisingly, we had no problem taking out Stinky and Precious both went down with little trouble, and the complements were going all around. This was a fun bunch to raid with. So, we decided to “cheat” the quest and sacrifice a tank and healer for the good of the raid. Here’s what we did:

One tank and One healer would head down the hall and start the encounter with either Rotface or Festergut.

Once the residue was on the other tank, or one of the other raid members, we’d kill off the tank/healer (usually me and the MT).

Since we started with Rotface (or was it Festergut, can’t remember, it was the one with the ooze adds), the other tank would stay back near the quest giver with the rest of the raid, and the other healer, and tank the ooze.

Once the ooze was dead, me and the MT were able to come back in, and start up the other encounter. This one was much easier, and we just tank/spanked him until we saw that both debuffs were on one of the other raid members (fortunately the other tank).

We were lucky and the MT was another Pally, so he DI’d me to finish the encounter, despawning Festergut, and allowing me to step out and res him. So we made our way back, and once we were all next to the quest giver, let the raid member with the debuffs turn in the quest, allowing the rest of us to turn it in as well.

This gave us all a nice 5 emblems and some gold. No epics in the bags, but that was ok.

We called it for the night, and really doubted any continuation. I did end up Honored with the Ashen Verdict though, which also upped my ring to the Ashen Band of Greater Wisdom.

Again, another fun evening, and the kind of thing that even casual raiders/casual players are capable of accomplishing in a few hours a week.

I hate to toot my horn, but wanted to replay this fun evening in a post. Though I do hope to have a more serious post later this afternoon.


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