Illuminating the Lightsworn set bonuses

When I first saw the set bonus.

When I first saw the set bonus.

As of last Thursday, I believe, I now have the 2pc t10 set bonus for my holy set. It is a beautiful set bonus, and far out trumps the rediculous 2pc t9 set bonus. I had been slowly collecting my Frost emblems over the last few weeks, eventually reaching the 95 emblems I needed to get the headpiece. It was a good feeling to finally have it. Especially since it illuminated that oh so beautiful text in the tool tip:

While your Divine Illumination talent is active, your healing spells are 35% stronger.

Since I currently do not gem like everyone else, and do not have the MASSIVE amounts of mana that others may have (though I am sitting at 30k), anything that helps me increase my throughput while gaining mana is a plus.

Normally, if I am running low on mana, I’ll pop Divine Illumination and Divine Plea at the same time.  This will allow me to continue casting some bigger spells without eating the mana that I’m trying to gain back with Divine Plea. It also allows me to cast those bigger spells in an attempt to mitigate the 50% decrease in healing spells that is enacted upon hitting Divine Plea.

With the 2pc set bonus, I can now mitigate that even further, allowing me to reduce that decrease in healing to only 15%, and still only costing half mana to cast the spells. Now, if only it was usable more often. It did add some new playstyles however.

For example:

  • Use Avenging Wrath and Divine Plea.  This will again reduce the decrease in healing to 30%, allowing for better throughput  while still regenerating mana. I have used this for a while now.
  • Use spellpower trinket and Divine Plea.  This works much like the Avenging Wrath style, dependant on the amount of spellpower increase. I have used this for a while now.
  • New: Use Divine Illumination, and Divine Plea.  This reduces the decrease in  healing to 15%, allowing you to continue throughput for discounted mana costs.

What I’m trying to get at, is that I almost feel as if this Set Bonus is a bit OP… but don’t get me wrong… I loves me some set bonus.

Oddly enough, I’m not sure how well the 4pc T10 set bonus is in comparison. Much like tiers before this, it appeared to go from great 4pc bonuses for early sets to great 2pc bonuses for the next tier up, and it appears to have happened again.

For example:

  • 2pc T9 Set Bonus: Increases the duration of your Judgements by 10 sec.
    – (WTF?)
  • 4pc T9 Set Bunus: Increases the heal over time effect from Flash of Light in conjunction with Sacred Shield by 100%.
    – (For me, this was awesome, cause I used Flash of Light a lot more then Holy Light.)
  • 2pc T10 Set Bonus: While your Divine Illumination talent is active, your healing spells are 35% stronger.
    – (SEXAHS!!!!)
  • 4pc T10 Set Bonus: Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 sec to have 0.3 sec reduced cast time.
    – (Very situational, as Holy Shock isn’t often used by those who use Holy Light a lot, though for me it would be somewhat of a time saver. Nearly half a second in reduced cast time never hurts.)

There may be other Holy Paladins out there salivating over the 4pc set bonus, but it is kind of “meh” to me, nothing compared to the sheer utility of the 2pc bonus. In addition, you may have 10 sec to cast the Holy Light for the reduced cast time; however, due to GCDs,  you actually only have 8.5 seconds. Sure that seems like a lot, but if things are crazy, that time flies. It also appears to be more useful for movement fights. A good example that I can think of early on, is the Lord Marrowgar fight.  If he goes into a Bone Storm, you’re going to be moving a good bit, and if you stop, you’ll likely either get hit by his Whirlwind, or Coldflame. Having a little bit extra time (.3 sec in fact) to get back to running can be helpful, though situational.

My final recommendation is to pick up the 2pc bonus. I happened to use shoulders and headpiece, which seems to be the consensus among other Paladins. For the other pieces, dependant on your raiding level, pick up the offset pieces, or even the Emblem of Frost pieces to fill in the spaces.  Once those two T10 pieces are upgraded to their Heroic Sanctified versions, they are actually considered BiS, so it’s definitely worth it.

As for me, I currently have T10 head and shoulders, t10 equivalent offset ICC 10 man boots and leggings. I plan to pick up the EoF chest piece and belt when I get a chance, and eventually the gloves… but that’ll be a lot of Emblems later.


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