Thinking about Mechanima

Good morning everybody!

Happy Towel Day!

Anyway, I’ve lately been checking out some of the latest WoW mechanima out there on da YouTube. There are really a lot of creative folks out there, and some really good works. I, however, have always wanted to make one myself. Ever since I learned that I could export the models from the WoWModel Viewer to 3DSMax files, all kinds of thoughts flew through my head. I had even created several characters from my “novel” about Khraden’s history and thought about making an actual book cover from them. But that was before the WoWModelViewer got all borked, and never seems to be totally stable.

I’ve had ideas of videos based on some of the music that I listen too, and how several songs fit so well with the subject matter, no matter how modern the music.

Rock ON!

Rock ON!

Anyway, this morning, I heard a song on the radio, on the way to work. It was “Familiar Taste of Poison” by Halestorm. As I listened to the song, sadly, I pictured in my head a video presenting the reminisent memories of a widow, who’s husband was a Rogue. I had all kinds of transitions from one point of the song to another, and all kinds of camera angles. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the tools to create such a thing. Well, not yet.

Here’s where you all come in.

Does anybody else do any Mechanima, and if so, what tools do you use? Have you found a good copy of the WoWModelViewer? Anything free or “trial” !! 🙂

Thanks for any ideas. Now back to your regularly scheduled Paladin news.


One thought on “Thinking about Mechanima

  1. I usually don’t help members of the Alliance too often, but I like your gem info. These are some free alternatives to the Fraps video recorder.

    Also, unless you’re really good, you’ll need an editor of some sort. Avidemux and Virtualdub are video editors.

    They lack some features, but something you may want to consider is a Linux only video editor. You can install almost every flavor of Linux for free easily on your system. I recommend Ubuntu as my flavor of Linux as it comes with Pitivi which is a very popular video editor, other popular editors are Kino and Cinelerra. I don’t use these much myself as I don’t have any time at the moment. If you don’t want to buy another hard drive, you do NOT have to destroy your Windows installation to use Ubuntu Linux. You can either A) Create a virtual machine with a program like VirtualBox, (reduces speed within Linux though) or B) You can resize your current Windows hard drive partition and run Linux in the new space, (which will allow you to run Linux at full speed).

    FYI: When resizing your current partition, make sure you backup everything first. I’ve never had something happen to me personally, but considering I’m a professional IT person, I know pretty much what I’m doing. You can install Ubuntu to an external hard drive as well. This way, you can take it with you to pretty much anywhere that you want too. You can even install it on a small thumb drive as well. I personally recommend doing that at first as thumb drives are fairly cheap and have done it myself.

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