Healer Trust

Good morning everyone…

I hope you all (well those state-side) had a nice extended weekend. I know I did, and didn’t want to come back to work. Anyway, this weekend I was able to get online for a bit, especially while my oldest son slept (had a fever this weekend, and slept a good bit), and the other just sat there and smiled all goofy like a 3 month old would. Plus we had to get the house ready for an appraiser (getting a refi), so I was helping my wife do that too. Well, what’s that got to do with Healer Trust? Well, while we did stuff around the house, while my wife was either outside or inside, she would trust me to be keeping an eye on the chillins’. Of course, I helped get stuff ready too, and in turn trusted that she kept an eye on them.

Healer Focus = Parent Focus :)
Healer Focus = Parent Focus 🙂

 This can be translated to the same thing that healers in larger 25 man groups and often 10 man groups need to do. Consider cleaning up around the house the same as healing assigned targets. Let’s use Festergut as an example. Partially because of the encounter mechanics themselves, but also because it’s still fresh on my mind as I experienced the fight for the first time this weekend. We will think of the folks who are assigned to the outside of the room as the work being done around the house, and those in the middle (tanks primarily) as the kids, with me and my wife being the healers. Interesting analogy, but stick with me.

Festergut’s fight is interesting, in that it begins with a LOT of external raid damage. However this damage is primarily to the folks who are assigned to the outside edge of the room. More often then not, healers will be assigned to either heal the folks in the middle, the tanks specifically, or the outside folks. Well, using this analogy, we’ll say that my wife starts working around the house while I focus on the kids. Well, since the kids are alright right now, I’m able to help out with some of the stuff around the house, popping in every once and a while to see how the kids are doing.

Well, then comes the first inhale of Festergut. This means that the tanks are getting hit a bit harder, and the outside folks are taking a bit less damage. With this in mind, lets say that the 3 month old has woken up from his nap, and now wants some attention. Easy enough, I can still pick him up and help a little bit around the house, continuing to ease up the work for my wife. Well, then comes the next inhale, adding more damage to the tanks, and less from the outside. This could be converted to mean that the older son wants to watch Lion King, but the younger son still wants attention, well that can be done, with most focus on the kids, and less on doing stuff around the house.

Then comes the big one, Festergut is now fully buffed by his gas, and is hitting the tanks like a truck, while the outside folks are pretty free and clear for the most part (except for the random puke spray). This would mean that the youngest son wants a bottle, and the older son just puked. This would mean that my wife would be helping me out instead of the other way around. Much like the outside healers would be helping with tank/melee healing, and less focus on the guys on the outside.

Then he decides to release the gas, meaning that the kids both went down for nap time, leaving me to help out my wife again, then the cycle repeats until the boss is down or enrage is hit, which is when both sons are puking and filling their diapers at the same time, and there is no recovery.

What I’m trying to get at, is that you have to learn to trust your fellow healers to follow their assignments, or at least communicate what they plan on doing. I learned that this weekend. I learned that in order to make it through a 25 man Festergut (PuG nonetheless), I have to trust that the other healers are going to focus on the outside dps, or the melee, while I focused on the Tanks during his full buff phase. It was a bit of a strange feeling for me, as I am so used to helping out tossing some heals here and there around the raid. It was a real eye opener.

Basically, healers need to learn to depend on and trust their fellow healers. I know it’s hard to do, but this trust will mean that a tank doesn’t accidentally go down because you picked up a heal on the raid, that was already covered by another healer.

I’m sure that most, if not all healers already realize this, but I wanted to put my own spin on it. Plus it kind of helps out those who didn’t think this way put it into a different perspective. It’s what family life does to you, changes how you view just about everything.


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