Holy Haste Batman

Morning all…

This. Is. CONFUSING!!!

This. Is. CONFUSING!!!

I have begun to step back and look at the stats that I’ve recently been stacking for my Holy set. You see, I am the epitome for a casual 10 man raider. If you look at my gear, you will see pretty much all 10 man level gear for the current tier (except for a couple pieces). Because I usually only run 10 man raids, I have geared and gemmed slightly differently. However, going into ICC has really changed my perception of what stats should really be used.

I subscribed to the Spellpower/MP5 mentality early on, and have really held onto it for what I feel is too long. Don’t get me wrong, I do loves me some SP as well as some mana regen, but I have begun to shift my stat allocation more towards the current cut and dry preferences. Intellect and Haste are king now, and I think that I’m finally coming to terms with that.

As of right now, I’m sitting at a little over 600 haste, and a mana pool nearing 32k. I don’t think that I ever realized how helpful these stats really were until I first pugged Torvalon in VoA 25, and lost one of the tanks, simply because I couldn’t get the heal off fast enough. Also, I had not realized how hard the Deathbringer really hit, until a tank died because I was OOM from all the Holy Lights I was tossing out.

Haste is a really interesting stat, in that you have to have sooo much of it to really notice a difference. I now really notice the difference. I have learned that Flash of Light is great, but Holy Light is king in several situations. I guess that I just didn’t want this to be true, but I feel that it is. With my new stat allocation, and gemming mentality, I can now spam Holy Light, keeping Light’s Grace up, as well as popping a Judgement every once and a while for Judgements of the Pure, increasing my haste (for Holy Light) even further.

There’s one thing though. Once you begin to get so much haste, you begin casting longer spells much quicker. And because you are casting them quicker, you are casting more of them. Unless you really pay attention, and keep your mana regen abilities rolling, you will go OOM very quickly. Yet another thing that I’m learning the hard way.

From what I have read, the base haste cap to shoot for, as a Holy Paladin is around 700. This is easy to reach with talents and abilities, but it is better to reach that number with stats alone, allowing talents and abilities to increase that amount even further. With haste affecting the spell casting speed, it also affects the global cooldown as well, at least down to a minimum of a 1 sec GCD. I did some research and found some info on the Maintankadin site with some further calculations for the haste effect on spells.

Source: DisRuptive1 (on Maintankadin)
For those people above who aren’t sure, to get the 1-second Flash of Light (and 1.33-second Holy Light) you need:

20.6% Haste from gear
15% Judgement of the Pure
3% Retribution Paladin’s Swift Retribution
5% Shaman’s Wrath of Air Totem

Cast Speed / Haste Effect = New Cast speed

Flash of Light
1.5 / (1.206 * 1.15 * 1.03 * 1.05) =
1.5 / (1.49993235) =
≈ 1-second Flash of Light

Holy Light

2.5 – Light’s Grace / (1.206 * 1.15 * 1.03 * 1.05) =
2.5 – 0.5 / (1.206 * 1.15 * 1.03 * 1.05) =
2 / (1.49993235) =
≈ 1.33-second Holy Light

To get Holy Light to 1 second cast time (fun!) you would need 60.8% haste from gear instead of 20.6% (proof below)

1-second Holy Light
2.5 – Light’s Grace / ([1 + x%] * 1.15 * 1.03 * 1.05) = 1-second Holy Light
2.5 – 0.5 / ([1 + x%] * 1.243725) = 1
2.0 / ([1 + x%] * 1.243725) = 1
2.0 = [1 + x%] * 1.243725
2.0 / 1.243725 = 1+ x%
(2.0 / 1.243725) – 1 = x%
x% = (2.0 / 1.243725) – 1
x% ≈ 60.8% haste from gear

This shows that it is even possible to get a Holy Light down to a 1 second cast, though the sheer amount of haste to achieve that is steep. There is a way to push spellcasting speed to the sub-1sec level; however, it is not necessarily beneficial, as your spell will cast faster, but you can only cast that spell once avery second due to the 1 second GCD.

Well, there you have it. Some good info on Haste, and why it is slowly becoming my best friend. Just remember, the faster you cast, the more you cast, the more you cast, the faster you can go OOM, so keep an eye on your mana bar, as it’ll disappear quicker than you think.


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