Path, what path?

Light Path

Light Path

Well, folks, I’m back for a bit, little bit slower now, and a bit more time for me to get something out here.

Over the weekend, Blizzard delivered a blow to a lot of folks expectations of Cataclysm, by officially announcing the removal of Guild Talent Trees and the Path of the Titans.

Some of the reasoning behind the removals were that the Path of Titans was simply getting too big and complex. I would dare to call that a bit of a cop out, but I also would look at it from a programmer’s perspective, and how difficult it really would be to balance everything, and still provide paths that are different, yet still viable. Otherwise, we’ll end up just as we are now, and the “top” raiders would be min/maxing to the same path as laid out by the EJ crowd.

I do believe that it was a good concept from the beginning, in that it did provide that bit of “customization” for your character compared to the other tank/healer standing next to you in the same gear/gems/glyphs. It does appear that some of these “paths” are going to show up as medium glyphs, which I agree with Rhidach is a weak and lazy name. Still, will this create another ring on our glyph page, or just something new? Time will tell.

As for the Guild Talent Trees, I’m not really at a loss for this. It actually is going to be kind of nice for the more casual of us to be able to still participate in Guild “upgrades” if we are somewhat active. I also don’t feel that there would have been enough of a difference betweeen guilds for it to be noticable. Though I really like the idea of mounts with the guild tabard/flag attached, that’s just cool. Maybe along the way they’ll introduce the “overcloaks” that were mentioned a good while ago. That would be a great way to display guild pride without hiding too much gear (which can often look really good).

Anyway, I am not too shook about the losses, and, in fact, will still enjoy the game just as much before.  I’m sure there will be some who disagree, but opinions are opinions 🙂

Here’s to hoping for more announcements this week, maybe some Paladin specific.  Till then, Light be with you.


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