More Cataclysm Speculation

I’ve had another little brainstorm recently. Blizzard had their latest Cataclysm Press Event, and during their event they mentioned Cho’Gall as being the final boss of the Grim Batol (now known as the Bastion of Twilight), and when certain things are accomplished, the ground will open up and a secret “ultra hard” boss and “horrible secret” will be revealed. Well, speculation went flying in all directions since then.

First was that some folks noticed black dragon eggs down in the lava beneath the floor (I have yet to see the video, so I’m not sure). These eggs were apparently surrounded by lava. This would lead me to believe something pertaining to the Black Dragonflight being part of the secret boss encounter; however, a lot of folks mention the possibility of an Old God, or even a resurrected C’Thun being revealed.

This is understandable, as Cho’Gall has been getting a little freaky with the Old God prophecies, and has even transformed into a two headed massive tentacled chicken monster. Yes, he already had two heads, but one of then has now grown a beak… don’t ask me why.

*Cluck cluck*

*Cluck cluck*

A lot of folks have speculated that he just may be possessed by C’Thun’s spirit, since he is in Ahn’Quiraj doing his thing, and that “eyes” are appearing on his body. I however feel a bit differently; I do agree that he is being transformed and influenced by an Old God, but those “eyes” look more like beaks if  you ask me, which just may be the asthetic of a different Old God (there are likely 4 or 5 Old Gods on Azeroth).

It would be interesting for another Old God to make an appearance, especially with the giant Faceless Ones being dug up across the landscape of Darkshore and the Twilight Highlands. But I also feel that is getting to be a bit old, and something new should be done.

Well, my personal idea goes down a different road. Cho’Gall is apparently residing in Grim Batol. Grim Batol was once home of the Wildhammer, and eventually were pushed out by the Horde, who took the place up as a base of operations during the Second War. It is also where Alextrasza was held against her will to breed red drakes for the Horde to use against the Alliance. She too was eventually freed by Rhonin and Krasus, and Grim Batol was again left an empty, dark place.

Well, during the course of “Night of the Dragon”, Grim Batol was also the home of Sinestra, prime consort of Deathwing. Here she was experimenting with creating a new Dragonflight, much like Nefarion had, but using Black Dragons and Nether Dragons from Draenor. She was somewhat successful, in fact a massive Twilight dragon known as Dargonax had successully grown to full maturity. Among his siblings were lesser Twilight Drakes, and likely Halion, the second and likely only remaining mature Twilight Dragon, who will soon be revealed as attacking the Ruby Sanctum.

Well, upon the completion of Night of the Dragon, Dargonax had destroyed the experiments being conducted, and Sinestra along with it. However, this is not specifically said as the details are a bit sketchy. In addition upon the closing of the book, it was said that deep below Deathwing also stirred.

So, what am I getting at? Well, it has been nearly confirmed that Nefarion and Onyxia will be returning, and apparently working together in Blackwing Decent. This would leave a damaged and defeated Sinestra (who, by the way, did show up during the Burning Crusade and spoke of her Master, alluding to Deathwing, during the Netherwing quest lines).

Lady Sinestra

Lady Sinestra

With her being such an integral part in Deathwing’s plan to create a new dragonflight, I have this sneaking suspition that she will be back, and very possibly as this secret boss. Now, what would make her so “ultra hard mode”? Well, since she was supposedly “destroyed” by Dargonax’s explosive end, she may have been brought back to life, much like Onyxia and Nefarion are supposed to be. However, since she was in such close contact with Dargonax, and the experiments being conducted, she very well may have been infused with the nether energy of the Twilight drakes making her a full Twilight/Black Dragon hybrid. This is a lot of power to be held in one creature, so likely will be very hard to defeat.

I guess that we’ll have to wait and see, but I hold tru to my speculation, we’ll see what comes of this.

What do you think is below Grim Batol? Could it be another Old God, or something worse? Leave me some comments on  your ideas.


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