Nope, I’m not dead, or MIA, or AWOL, whichever you’d prefer. But I am peeking my head over this pile of work that I’ve had lately. With a mix of a busy work week, and magically turning our pool from deep green to blue, all while prepping for a trip with the kids to visit some family out of state. Let’s just say that there hasn’t been much WoW time in there. I’m lucky to get my daily Ahune kill.

Good Old Elwynn Forest.

Good Old Elwynn Forest.

Anyway, on to the subject of this post, nostalgia. When it comes to WoW, I’ve been part of the game if not the community for nearly 4 years now. I’ve seen classes rise and fall, and have seen those class raiders learn and grow along with the raids they explored. I’ve watched as instances sprung up from the forest floors, and carve themselves into mountainsides. Let’s just say that I’ve seen a lot, and remember most of it.

As of recently, with the lull in content, and the anticipation of the new expansion, I’ve made the decision to go back and do every instance that I can, soloing them if possible. I believe that I’m still a few short when it comes to old world dungeons, which I really want to complete as they very well may become unavailable. While doing this, I have finally completed my Explorer achievement, and can now say I’ve been everywhere in Azeroth. In addition I’ve put a decent dent in the Loremaster achievement along the way.

One instance though, brought a rush of nostalgia beyond that experienced from the others I had been through. I believe that this instance seems to have that effect on a lot of folks. This place was my first step into raiding, and provided me with my very first legitimate piece of tier level gear. You see, I have been playing a long time, but have never actually raided until the end of BC. I never had the time or ambition to raid in Vanilla, and kind of regret that, though the time was spent on more important things, like getting my personal self to where I am today.

Warning, incoming wall of text.

The instance that I’m talking about is Karazhan. Just last week, a couple of friends and I decided that we were going to venture into Karazhan again, and take a trip down memory lane. It was Khraden (me) tanking the instance, with Darkending (friend of mine’s level 68 priest), and Corolla (his wife’s level 72 warlock) making our way into those oh so familiar gates and letting the music and sounds of that magical place fill our ears again.

Approaching Karazhan

Approaching Karazhan

Back when I used to do Karazhan, whether it be badge farming, or the early attempts by our night crew, I was a healer. Second, maybe third in line in the beginning, but a healer nonetheless. I remember those moments when I would have to stand back and heal the tanks while taking the charging blow from the skeletal horses. I remember how hard the ushers and bartenders would hit outside of Moroes room, and how I would frantically get a heal off in time to keep the tank topped off.

What a difference 10 levels can make.

Karazhan's Foyer

Karazhan's Foyer

While tanking our way to Attumen the Huntsman, I was not only uncrushable, and uncrittable, I felt as if I was nearly unhittable. In fact Darkending actually said that he almost remembered to heal me as he spent most of his time helping dps the targets. By the time we reached Attumen, I don’t think that I had to stop once for either health or mana. I remember always preparing for Attumen to arrive after burning Midnight down, but this time casually made my way into the middle of the room, holding Midnight with not much more than a Consecrate, and picking up Attument nearly instantly. I believe that we all survived that first boss with little to no trouble.

Then it was on to Moroes. We weren’t really sure how this would go, with little to no crowd control available, I made the decision that we’d shackle the shadowpriest and burn the rest down, while I kept them glued to me. Needless to say that really wasn’t necessary. In fact, it caused Darkending to go OOM and eventually unable to heal himself through Moroes’ first garrote. Soon after Corolla dropped too, and it was just me 4 adds and Moroes left. It was during this fight that I earned the loving nickname of cockroach. No matter what was thrown at me, I had some way to bring myself back into working order and continue the fight. I eventually burned the adds down and had only Moroes to deal with. After a few garrotes, and a bubble later, I was finally able to take him down. Humorously tank gear dropped instead of any of the cloth that my friends could have used.

We were a bit uplifted by the fight and felt we could continue with little trouble. So we made our way down to tha Maiden of Virtue. My arch enemy… the boss that would never drop the Shard of the Virtuous that I covetted for so long back when I was still a level 70 Holydin trying to gear up for Teir 5 level raids. I was known to bellow through the halls after taking her down “DAMN YOU MAIDEN, DAMN YOU!” upon finding no Shard of the Virtuous among her glittering prizes. I was guaranteed the hammer, even if Darkending could have used it, simply because of my neverending journey in aquiring that piece if not to leave it in my bank.

Well, we stepped in, going over a few notes about the Holy Fire that she tosses, and cleansing as soon as anyone was afflicted. The fight was fairly quick, though Darkending and Corolla were again tanking the floor early on, and I was silenced multiple times due to my close proximity. Again, I was so lovingly referred to as the cockroach, and we did take her down, and again, my macro was used… /y DAMN YOU MAIDEN, DAMN YOU!

With 3 bosses down, we decided to take a breather and grab something to drink real quick, and moved on to the Opera. This week was the Wizard of Oz, and despite the worries of my fellow raid members, we had no trouble taking care of them all. Corolla would basically take care of the lion, while I would try and keep the attention of everyone else, it seemed to work out well enough, and we completed that boss fight with no deaths, WOOHOO!

Next up was the Curator. Even with doubts filling our thoughts, our past experience seemed to bolster our attempts. I do remember the sentries in the hallway before his gallery hitting a bit harder, however, there was no issue keeping them busy and soaking up any damage. Before we reached the statue room before the Curator’s hallway, we picked up another friend of ours, Greythom (level 80 rogue). He used to actually tank for our group during BC on his warrior, but decided to bring his rogue along for the fun.

Deeper within Karazhan's Halls

Deeper within Karazhan's Halls

After a quick wipe from accidentally pulling the Curator along with 2 groups of the elementals, we regrouped and started the fight. Keeping the sparks busy, and making sure that we saved our nukes for his Evocation phase, we took him out with only a couple casualties. This kill actually provided Darkending with his first piece of Teir gear for this character, further preparing him for the quick leveling through Northrend.

We moved on past the dusty old Menagerie, and cleared trash up to the library. This was pretty much were our little trip stopped. First up, our rogue buddy had to leave, leaving only me and Corolla to dps, this was going to make the next couple of fights pretty difficult. But we were going to try. Unable to summon Nightbane, we went on to attempt Illhoof. It was a close match, however I was never able to take out the chains quickly enough to save either of the other two, once clearing the chains only to watch Corolla drop to an imp fireball. We made the decision that we just didn’t have the snap dps to take out the chains and in turn keep Illhoof in check. So we moved on to try the Shade of Aran. Needless to say, we only got one attempt on him before calling it a night. With limited interrupts, and Darkending and Corolla having such low HP, it was hard to keep everyone alive enough to take him out before an enrage. I was able to hold out on both of them though, getting both to at least 25% before running out of tricks.

So, we called it a night. We weren’t able to complete it but vowed to go back possibly biweekly just to have a little bit of fun. We even have another one of our old guildies wanting to jump in on the fun. Anyway, that little run brought back a lot of fond memories. I guess that this game can have that affect on you if you play it enough. Nostalgia is something I enjoy having, it brings that little chill and grin to your face when you think of the fun you used to have.

What about you? Have you ever gone back to do old content for fun? Maybe even to gear an alt?


4 thoughts on “Nostalgia’d

    • Yes, wiped… *sigh* we had already grabbed the room and taken care of nearly all the elementals, but the warlock got a little too close, and pulled Curator on his path. The rogue and I were the only 80s, otherwise, I’m sure we would have been fine. Plus the priest was 68, and still leveling, the Warlock was 72, and hadn’t played in nearly a year. I did keep going though, and got him down to probably 30% before finally running out of tricks and just getting overwhelmed and running out of mana, lol.

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