Automatic LFD?

Ever had a strange feeling that another change was going to come along the line, somehow linked to a recent change? I seem to get those a lot when Blizzard announces changes, especially with expansions. In this case, I had a feeling that there was going to be a change to the LFD tool, linked to the new Talent Tree and Specialization changes.

Automatic LFD?

Automatic LFD?

Last night, I had an interesting thought about the new talent trees, and the requirement to choose a Specialization. Since you are required to choose which tree you are going to focus on, it is assumed that this information is stored about your character, including those with Dual Spec. Basically, if you chose Holy as one spec and Protection as the other, those become your specializations for each of those trees.  This is then “hardcoded” into your character.

Now, since the system now knows that you are a certain Specialization, and really doesn’t allow you to create crazy Holy/Ret DPS specs, it can also determine what roles you can play in a PuG using the LFD tool. Basically, is this change going to remove the possibilities that, for example, a Ret paladin can sign up as a tank on the LFD tool, and in turn get a quicker queue, in turn gimping the group? I see this as a good thing, but also can see some setbacks.

First up, DPS specialized characters, can’t “fudge” their way into a quicker queue by signing up as a Tank, simply because the system knows that they are not a tank, and will automatically mark them as DPS. I guess the same goes for Healers or even tanks, signing up as another role.

Example 1: All available, if your class can accomodate those roles.

Example 1: All available, if your class can accomodate those roles.

Example 2: Roles restricted based on the Specializations you have chosen.

Example 2: Roles restricted based on the Specializations you have chosen.

There would be setbacks though. For example, I have often used the LFD tool, but only marked healing, so that I would have a little time to finish up some quests before the instance popped up. The obvious solution for this would be to lock out all other roles dependant on your specialization, and then allow you to choose which of those you really want to queue as. There would be another setback though.  Even though a Ret Pally may have signed up as tank, and can’t tank at all, they at least have a group formed up, and can then drop/pick up as they need.  Time will still be an issue, but not as much as it was while waiting for the dialog to even pop up, since now, your group is at the top of the queue.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to toss that idea out there.  What do you all think, is it a possibility?


3 thoughts on “Automatic LFD?

  1. Well I understand the changes that they are making will be easier to give people a more defined role…but what happens if the class can pull it off? Example: an end game raiding DK who usually DPS’es in top end gear can easily pull off tanking in frost presence in heroic dungeons. I’ve even seen successful warriors or ret pallies in PvP gear tank heroics to avoid the long queue times. I’m not saying everyone is suited for this because not all end game plate wearers can or will do this, but there is definitely a market for this.

    Much as the dungeon finder now is “smart” in that it won’t let certain classes choose certain roles, there will still be the issue with feral bears/kitty dps so I do not think it will be changing all too much though it may be able to get more specialized for DK’s, Pallies and Warriors.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking a browse through the blog 🙂 I appreciate all the folks who do come and comment.

      On to the subject at hand. I do understand that it is possible, in fact I remember going back and helping some friends out as ret in PvP gear, but that wasn’t through the LFD, just a group of folks I knew. Anyway, I agree with your point that it will be a bit more specialized for DKs, Pallies, and Warriors, since it’s a known “issue” that some folks, who obviously do not know the role will do this. With Feral Bears/Kitty dps though, the system could check to see if the talent “Survival of the Fittest” is in the tree, if it is, then it is VERY likely that the druid will be a tank, simply because that is they’re “uncrittable” talent.

      Sadly though, this is only the case with Healers and Tanks, as with DPS (no offense to anybody who is primarily DPS), those roles don’t have to be as specific, or importantly specced/geared to do their job.

      The end point, though, is that with the Specialization, I wonder if Blizzard with take advantage of this “guaranteed spec” and use it towards their LFD algorithms.

  2. I think we’ll have to wait till we get a little more information on the cata beta’s. There’s currently a lot of broken stuff out there in beta at the moment, heck not even all the talents for all trees are implemented yet…

    I think there are both pro’s and con’s of having the specialization label a character as a tank. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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