Real Friends on RealID

Good morning everybody!

Been a bit since my last post, but as usual, in the eloquent words of Tinkerpriest:

“If I got paid like as porn star would, every time I got bent over by work, I’d be rich”

Things have calmed down a bit, and I’ve had a chance to get online with some local friends of mine and both of my brothers. About a year ago, maybe two, I learned that some of the folks that I work with also play WoW, and at the time we were all guildless, so after migrating a few characters to a single server, we started up “Wanderers Among Realms” (see what I did there :P), yes, it’s not correct grammar, but I couldn’t fit “Amongst”. Anyway, we got together, and were all leveling through The Burning Crusade, and eventually running some heroics together.

Mmm hmmm..

But as time went on, some folks, including my main, ended up hopping out into larger guilds to allow for some chance at raiding. Fortunately, a few of us moved together to another guild, and eventually started raiding Karazhan and a touch of Tempest Keep or Hyjal here and there.  All along the way, making more friends with those guild members.

Fast Forward to a few months ago.  I think that I was pretty much the only one of our group still online in any regular form. Most of the others had taken their hiatus until Cataclysm, or just moved onto alts on other servers (making it appear as if nobody was online). I myself had progressed pretty decently, moving through at least the first wing of ICC, and having seen nearly all of the other raids that could be done. Nothing regular, and mostly PuGs, but still it was fun to see new content.

Well, one evening, I see the name of one of my friends pop online. Fortunate for me I had not removed him from my friends list. Turns out, he and his wife were planning on leveling his Priest on up to 80, allowing her to catch up as well. Thanks to the LFD tool, they were making great progress, and rapidly reaching the early 60s with little effort. When I was on, I’d help out with a quest or two, where they would need an extra person, and I’d help with some instances, either roflstomping it with my paladin, or taking my DK and getting a little bit of XP on him.

Eventually as they reached the mid 70s, the RealID system was released.  Something big happened. We began to see a lot of our other friends online.  Some of those who we didn’t even think played anymore. We were able to get back together and share our IDs with each other to link up the friends, and out of nowhere, we nearly had a 10 man raid standing in front of us.

In fact, we’ve even had some fun guild runs of Karazhan, just for old time’s sake. And have talked about possibly taking some steps into Naxx, possibly getting some achievements.

This really got me to think. I do realize the downside of some of the RealID system, and the concepts and ideas that it put into some folks minds; however, it turns out that my friends and I have really gotten some great use out of it. Not only have we found some of our local friends online, but even some from the old raiding guilds we were in, who now run stuff with us all the time. Even an old friend of mine from across the ocean, in the dusty lands of Australia was able to connect with me, and we could chat whenever time zones allowed.

It’s been really fun, and has allowed me to be much more laid back when running some dungeons with them, as there is far less chance for ridicule and spite when you know that most of what is said is in jest. I’ve even been able to DPS several times, and not worry about being called a newb if I didn’t get my rotation right. To tell you the truth, it’s been a relaxing experience, and I hope that it continues on into Cataclysm.

What have you gotten out of the RealID system?  Has it not turned out to be as bad as expected? If so, what downsides have you found?


3 thoughts on “Real Friends on RealID

    • I just felt that the approving nod, and mutual agreement fit for the kind of post this was 😀

      Anyway, I’ve gotten a good bit of use out of the good ‘ol RealID. In fact, yesterday I was playing my trial of Starcraft II, and my buddy needed a healer, and was able to contact me through it. It really shows part of what RealID was created for.

  1. I was a bit skeptical of the RealID function at first, as I generally make it a habit to not publish my personal info across things on the interwebs. However, several of my friends were using it and I decided to give it a whirl and thus far it has worked out rather nicely. I recently left my home server to join a raiding guild on a new server, leaving several of my friends behind in the process, and it is nice to still be able to talk to them in game (especially since I’m not only on a new server but new faction too!). I think that as long as you use care with who you are adding in to your real ID list and continue to use smart internet security tips/methods the real ID function can work out great for you and really does a nice job in allowing you to keep in touch with your friends.

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