Seeing the Forest through the Trees

Good morning fellow Paladins… and the others 🙂

I’m here today to take a look at some of the Cataclysm Paladin Talents, and what should/could and shouldn’t be chosen, based on your role. Yes, I’ve decided to dive into it for just a little while, as I’m sure that the talent trees will change (in fact it was just stated through MMO-Champion that the next build would likely change the Holy tree *sigh*).

Welcome to the ever changing world of Cataclysm

Welcome to the ever changing world of Cataclysm

This will likely be a LONG post, as I’m going to try to include each and every talent in here.  It’s as up to date as I can get, though I’m sure it’s to change as mentioned earlier. So, prepare for some information overload, as there is a lot to come.

So, without further ado, here is what I’ve come up with for us Holy types.

First up, a list of the new goodies that we get, both spells and talents:


Light of Dawn:
21% of base mana
Instant Cast
30 sec cooldown
Send a wave of healing energy before you, healing all friendly targets up to 30 yards away for XX. Consumes all Holy Power to increase healing by 10% per charge.

Tower of Radiance
Directly healing the target of your Beacon of Light has a 33% chance to generate Holy Power.

Blessed Life
2 sec cooldown
All attacks against you have a 50% chance to cause you to generate Holy Power. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds

Aura Mastery
2 min cooldown
Causes your Concentration Aura to make all affected targets immune to Silence and Interrupt effects and improve the effect of all other auras by 100%. Lasts 6 sec.

You have a 50/100% chance when any of your Holy spells get a critical effect to make your next Exorcism spell instant and cost no mana.

Improved Concentration Aura
Increases the effect of your Concentration Aura by an additional 5/10/15% and while any Aura is active reduces the duration of any Silence or Interrupt effect used against an affected group menber by 10/20/30%. The duration reduction does not stack with any other effects.

Beacon of Light
6% of base mana
60 yd range
Instant Cast
The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your party or raid within a 60 yard radius. Each heal you cast on party or raid members also heal the Beacon for 50% of the amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts 1 min.

Speed of Light
Casting Holy Shock grants 5/10/30% spell haste for your next Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light, and casting Holy Radiance grants you 10/20/60% movement speed for 4 sec. Also lowers the cooldown on Holy Radiance by 10/20/30 sec at all times.

Sacred Cleansing
Your Cleanse spell now also dispels 1 Magic effect.

After getting a critical effect from your abilities you gain mana equal to 10/20/30% of the base cost of the spell.

Divine Favor
1 min cooldown
Increases your spell casting haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec.

Infusion of Light
Your Holy Shock critical hits reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light by .75/1.5 sec.

Enlightened Judgements
Your Judgement instantly heals  you for 1940.98 to 2162.58.

Clarity of Purpose
Reduces the casting time of your Holy Light and Divine Light spells by .1/.2/.3 sec.

Last Word
Gives your Word of Glory a 30/60% increased critical chance when used on targets with 35% or less health.

Healing Light
Increase the amount healed by your Word of Glory and the damage and healing of your Holy Shock by 10/20/30%.

Arbiter of the Light
Increases the critical effect chance of your Judgement, Holy Light and Templar’s Verdict by 6/12%.

Increases all healing done by you and all healing effects on you by 2/4/6%.

Judgements of the Pure
Your Judgement increases your casting and melee haste by 3/6/9% for 1 min.


Ardent Defender
3 min cooldown
Activate to reduce damage taken by 20% for 10 sec. While Ardent Defender is active, the next attack that would otherwise kill you will instead cause you to be healed for 15% of your maximum health.

Shield of the Templar
Reduces the cooldown of Avenger’s Shield by 3/7/10 sec, Guardian of Ancient Kings by 1/2/3 min, and Avenging Wrath by 20/40/60 sec.

Sacred Duty
Increases the critical strike chance of your Hammer of the Righteous by 5/10%. In addition, your Hammer of the Righteous critical strikes have a 50/100% chance of making your next Judgement a critical strike.

Your Holy Wrath has a 50/100% chance to reduce physical damage done by the target by 5/10% for 10/30 sec.

Shield of the Righteous
6% of base mana
5 yd range
Instant cast
6 sec cooldown
Slam the target with your shield, causing 193.54 plus 100% of your attack power per stack of Holy Power as Holy damage and refreshing the duration of your holy Shield.

Guarded by the Light
Increases your Word of Glory by 20/40% when used to heal yourself. Any overhealing will create a protective shield equal to the amount of overhealing that lasts for 6 sec. (Last part NYI)

You have a 10/20/30% chance after blocking an attack for your next 4 weapon swings within 8 sec to generate an additional attack.

Holy Shield
10% of base mana
Instant cast
Consumes Holy Power to grant 5% block per stack of Holy Power. Lasts 20 sec.

Grand Crusader
When your Crusader Strike deals damage, it has a 10/20% chance of refreshing the cooldown on your next Avenger’s Shield.

Divine Guardian
2 min cooldown
All other party or raid members within 30 yds take 20% reduced damage for 6 sec.

Hallowed Ground
Increases the damage of your Consecration by 20/40% and decreases its mana cost by 25/50%.

Reduces the chance you’ll be critically hit by melee attacks by 2/4/6%. In addition when you block or dodge a melee attack you gain 1/2/3% of maximum mana.

Hammer of the Righteous
6% of base mana
5 yd range
Instant cast
8 sec cooldown
Hammer the current target for 300% weapon damage as Holy damage, and then jumping to 2 additional nearby targets. Each jump reduces the damage by 50%. (300% -> 150% -> 75%)

Wrath of the Lightbringer
Increases the damage by 10/20% and critical strike chance by 10/20% of your Holy Wrath spell.

Judgements of the Just
Your judgement reduces the melee attack speed of the target by 10/20%. Also increases the duration of  your Seal of Justice effect by .5/1 sec.

Increases your armor value from items by 3/6/10%.

Guardian’s Favor
Reduces the cooldown of your Hand of Protection by 1/2 min and increases the duration of your Hand of Freedom by 2/4 sec.

Protector of the Innocent
Increases your healing by 1/2/3% on allies affected by Devotion Aura and increase the damage of your Retribution Aura by 20/40/60%.

Seals of the Pure
Increases the damage done by your Seals by 5/10/15%

Improved Hammer of Justice
Decreases the cooldown of your Hammer of Justice spell by 10/20 sec.


2 min cooldown
Your Crusader Strike generate 3 applications of Holy power per strike for the next 15 sec. Requires 3 stacks of Holy Power to use.

Inquiry of Faith
Increases the periodic damage done by your Seal of Truth by 20/40/60%.

Acts of Sacrifice
Decreases the cooldown by 10/20% and mana cost by 10/20% of your Hand of Freedom and Hand of Salvation.

Selfless Healer
Increases the healing of your Word of Glory by 30/60% when used to heal others.

9% of base mana
20 yd range
Instant cast
1 min cooldown
Puts the enemy target in a state of meditation, incapacitating them for up to 1 min. Any damage caused will awaken the target. Usable against Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids, and Undead.

Sanctified Wrath
Increases the critical strike chance of Hammer of Wrath by 25/50%, reduces the cooldown of Avenging Wrath by 30/60 sec, and while affected by Avenging Wrath you can use Hammer of Wrath as if the target had 20% or less health.

10 mana
5 yd range
Instant cast
10 sec cooldown
Interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec.

Seals of Command
Your damaging Seals now also deal 15% weapon damage each time you swing, and your Seal of Righteousness now hits up to 2 additional targets.

Divine Purpose
Your Judgement, Exorcism and Holy Wrath have a 20/40% chance to generate Holy Power.

Your auras increase your party and raid’s damage dealt by 3% and your damage by an additional 2%. In addition, your Judgement grants the Replenishment effect to up to 10 party or raid members. Mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 4 sec for 15 sec.

The Art of War
Increases the damage by 20/40/60% and critical strike damage by 30/60/100% of  your Exorcism. In addition, your melee attacks have a 5/10/15% chance to reduce the cast time of your next Exorcism spell by 100%.

Divine Storm
20% of base mana
Instant cast
An instant weapon attack that causes 20% of weapon damage to all enemies within 8 yards. The Divine Storm heals up to 3 party or raid members totalling 25% of the damage caused. Consumes all applications of Holy Power to increase damage dealt:
1 Holy Power: 22% Weapon Damage
2 Holy Power: 50% Weapon Damage
3 Holy Power: 90% Weapon Damage

Improved Crusader Strike
Reduces the cooldown of your Crusader Strike by .5/1 sec.

Improved Judgement
Increases the range of your Judgement by 20 yds.

Gives you a 1/2/3% bonus to damage and healing for 30 sec after causing a critical effect from a weapon swing, spell, or ability. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

Pursuit of Justice
Increases the movement and mounted movement speed by 8/15%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.

Eye for an Eye
All damaging attacks against you have a 20/40% chance to cause 30% of the damage taken back to the attacker as well.

Rules of Law
Increases the critical effect of  your Crusader Strike, Holy Shock and Word of Glory by 5/10%.

Increases the damage of your Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, and Templar’s Verdict by 10/20/30% and the damage and healing of your Holy Shock by 10/20/30%.


I decided to include every talent, as it gives us a view of what else if available outside of Holy. Now, I do understand that you MUST have 31 points in Holy in order to “unlock” the other two trees, but heck, this is an informational blog, so I thought I’d might as well spread the knowledge. Something that I didn’t see was “Long Arm of the Law” in the Retribution tree, but in our case, it is out of reach anyway, so was not all that important to this post. Did end up finding Long Arm of the Law, after viewing the talent trees directly (downside of browsing via cellphone).

As I have mentioned in prior articles to this, there are several talents that are specifically pointing out Holy Shock, again making it a far more important spell than it was in WotLK.

So, here’s that I’ve come up with.


Tier 1:
You are going to want to fill this tier completely, as the talents included are great.  Arbiter of the Light, increasing our critical effect chance on Holy Light (our new “go to” heal according to Blizzard) on top of increases the crit chance on our Judgements. Divinity, straight up increasing our healing output by 6%. Judgements of the Pure, providing with that beautiful chunk of haste upon each Judgement.

Tier 2:
Yet another great tier to fill to the brim, though also a matter of taste. First we have Clarity of Purpose which will be speeding up our Holy Light and Divine Light spells by about .5 sec. This is good; however, I am still unsure what kind of healers Paladin’s will be in Cataclysm, and what kinds of spells will be important, but I filled it anyway. Next we have Last Word. I like the idea of this spell, though it could be a bit difficult to manage when a split moment decision arrises. Last Word provides you with a 60% increases crit chance for your Word of Glory when targets are 35% or less in health. Kind of alike a ghetto Deep Healing that Shamans have. The reason I say that it is difficult to manage, is because you have to be sure that you have Holy Power built up in order to use Word of Glory, and you can’t get the full effect unless you have 3 stacks built up. In some cases, it may be too late to get that many stacks and get the Word of Glory off before the target’s life is too low to really save. Lastly, in this tier we have Healing Light. This is another great talent as it increases the amount healed by Word of Glory and Holy Shock by 30%, again, a nice increase to the power and “umph” of Holy Shock.

Tier 3:
Ah, talent tree bloat. Here’s another tier that should really be filled out. First up we have good ‘ol Illumination.  Though we do have the new Meditation Mastery providing some “while casting mana regen” Illumination is always welcome in my book. Next is Divine Favor. I am sort of sad that it has been changed away from the guaranteed crit that it used to be, however it will increase our haste and crit chance by 20%. Next in line is a modified Infusion of Light. The new tooltip states that Holy Shock critical hits will now reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light by 1.5 sec. Now, if I’m not mistaken, that will make it nearly instant if not instant. This is nice, and in addition a prerequisite to being able to get Speed of Light, so I’d recommend picking it up. Lastly there is Enlightened Judgements. Originally this provided the range increase on our Judgement spells to allow us to cast Judgements from the rear line, not requiring us to move closer and potentially unsafely close to the target to cast a Judgement. Instead the tooltip is a bit vague stating “Your Judgement instantly heals  you for 1940.98 to 2162.58.” I’m assuming that this means that each time that we cast a Judgement that we get a nice little mini heal on ourselves, but I’m not totally sure what the purpose of this would be. I’m curious if a range increasing talent will be introduced, or possibly added as a base ability.  We will have to see.

Tier 4:
Yup, all of them… again. This tier holds some of our favorite spells. This includes Beacon of Light, which has been dropped from 100% to 50% of the heals on others being transferred to the Beacon. Next is Speed of Light, which is one of my favorite additions, as it affects so many spells. Now Holy Shock will grant 30% spell haste for your next FoL, HL, or DL, and when casting Holy Radiance (new name for Healing Hands) grants you 60% movement speed for 4 sec. Also lowers the cooldown on Holy Radiance by 30 sec at all times. Last on this row is Sacred Cleansing. This is the talent that will turn our cleanse into the special magic cleanse that we are currently familiar with. If you remember the magic part of the cleanse spell was removed early on during Alpha, and we were told that talents would fill in the gaps… well here it is.

Tier 5:
Here comes some of the “iffy” talents. First we have Aura Mastery. I think that because of Hard modes and ICC, Aura Mastery has become a raid favorite spell, I  myself am a big fan, if not for the potential damage mitigation it can provide, than at least for the increase Crusader Aura speed boost 😛 Next we have Denounce. This is one of the optional talents, I feel. It provides you with a 50/100% chance that any of your Holy spells will make your next Exorcism spell instant and mana-free. Not that I don’t believe that it is a nice talent to have, and great to add that little bit of damage on those hard encounters (as well as possible grinding help), but it is also a spot that can be left out dependant on whether you want to spend the points elsewhere in another tree. Lastly we have the nearly unchanged Improved Concentration Aura, which I still feel is a great help to the group/raid.

Tier 6:
Tower of Radiance, such a cool sounding talent, and a nice addition.  This talent allows you to have a 100% chance (when fully talented) to provide you with a stack of Holy Power when healing the Beacon of Light target.  This is going to be a great way for us to fill in the gaps where Holy Shock is on cooldown. I still wonder, though, if there is an internal cooldown on applying stacks of Holy Power. Next is the updated Blessed Life. Used to I kind of left this alone and treated it as a PvP talent, but now, it is a nice choice to pick. As all attacks against you have a 100% chance (fully talented) to cause you to generate a stack of Holy Power. Though it cannot happen more  than once every 2 sec, it would be very helpful during a heavy raid damage fight, as it states “all attacks”. This would still be a good PvP talent as well, since it is likely that you will be getting hit often on a battleground.

Tier 7:
Lastly we have our final tier talent Light of Dawn. This is the “Holy Healing Shockwave that was introduced a few patches back. It sends a wave of healing energy up to 30 yards healing all targets in this path for 1832.7 to 2239.97. It will use up your stacks of Holy Power to increase its strength by 10% a stack, though. So it’s one of those spells that would be nice to save up.

 Well that’s it for the Holy Tree, a bit of bloat, and a lot of “required” talents, but it does leave a few points to pop into Protection or Retribution.  I’ll probably just list those that I’d recommend, based purely on what I’ve read, since I can’t really test it.

The first two that come to mind are “Improved Judgements”, “Rule of Law”, “Eternal Glory”, and “Crusade”.  Both of these affect the capabilities of Holy Shock, increasing its strength and crit chance.

Another nice increase to Holy Shock power, increasing the effectiveness by 30% (fully talented).

Improved Judgements
Ah, there’s my distance extension, not as far as the original Enlightened Judgements, but may still allow us to reach the target/boss to keep Seals of the Pure up.

Rule of Law
This is a new addition, along with Eternal Glory.  Rule of Law Increases the critical effect chance of your Crusader Strike, Holy Shock and Word of Glory by 5/10/15%.  I have a feeling that this will be picked up, but only with some rearranging talent choices. (Not choosing Enlightened Judgements, Blessed Life, or Denounce should be enough).

Eternal Glory
This is an interesting talent, as it will allow you to have  a 20/40% chance for Word of Glory to not consume Holy Power.  This would be a great advantage to Holy Paladins as it would provide them with an extra heal at no cost as they will be casting Word of Glory more often as a way to consume Holy Power.

All of these talents are coming out of the Retribution tree, and very little could really be viewed as useful out of the Protection tree, at least that is reachable by a Holy Paladin (Divine Guardian is 15 points down). This is a big change from the bubbledin that became popular near the end of WotLK.

So, there you have it folks.  A quick rundown of the talents that I was able to see and comment on.  Until Cataclysm is released, or I’m invited into the Beta, we’ll have to wait and see how true some of these statements are, and how easy/hard it will be to get the talents we want.


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