Chat Window: It’s there for a reason


Ok, maybe not that bad, but it is a bit of a rant, but don’t worry, I’ll lighten it up. 

The Chat window.  It’s that thing that you start out with in the bottom left of  your UI, it’s where you can see what other folks are talking about in the area, or even what kind of stories or villainous rhetoric is being spewed in Trade Chat. It’s where important information appears, whether it be Blizz GM’s replying to a ticket, or achievement spam from your most recent conquer. 

It's got a purpose

It's got a purpose


It is also where instructions are relayed, and information provided to help your situational awareness. Addons take advantage of it to provide you with quick glimpses at information, or even warnings of incoming danger. 

Most importantly though, at least in most cases, it’s where your party or raid is commenting/talking/instructing/YELLING. It’s where your fellow members can inform you that you are standing in the bad, or not standing in the right place at all.  It’s where Raid Warnings appear before showing up in the middle of your screen. 

I went through all of this to get to this point… It’s there for a purpose, and that purpose is to convey information to  you that may be very important to the ongoing encounter. 


This week the Weekly Raid quest was [Lord Marrowgar Must Die!]. It’s usually one of the harder quests to get a group for, as there are a lot of guilds on our server already doing ICC, and don’t want to waste a raid lockout on some PUGs. And… well I’m a PUG, since I’m not able to get on regularly, I basically depend on PUGs to form in order to do these weeklies. However, last Thursday I was fortunate to be on for a little while and happen to catch a request in Trade Chat for a healer for a quick romp into ICC, stating that we’d go on if everybody hung out. 

I took advantage of the offer and made my way to the big saronite citadel in the sky. The raid filled in pretty quickly, and we all made our way into the instance.  Buffs flew out, and another raid member was kind enough to drop a Fish Feast for us all to enjoy. 

First note… we weren’t using Vent, in fact there was no mention of it. Which is fine, as I can usually only listen in as I don’t have a mic, and my PC is right across the hall from a sleeping 3 year old… so talking is a bit out of the question. 

It was a pretty good composition: 

1xWarrior Tank
1xPaladin Tank (…….)
2xPaladin Healers (I’m one of them)
1xShaman Healer
1xWarrior DPS
1xShaman DPS (Enh)
and I think a Hunter 

A nice mix of ranged and melee, so we should to just fine I’d think. 

Well we get started… and that’s where the problem starts to show up. The Paladin Tank seems to not be moving outside of autoattacks for a period of time, obviously causing some threat issues for some of our DPS. Fortunately the Warrior was able to quickly pick up any slackers and keep the raid moving.  Apparently, the other tank had DCd mid pull, and was unable to get right back in.  We were able to find this out because one of the other raid members was in Vent with him. Alrighty, it happens to everyone. 

So we make it to the room just before the big bony bad guy. There were apparently a couple of traps in there, and both the Giants wake up and start wailing on random raid members. Again the Warrior was quick to react and picked them up. At least this time I could see the other tank doing more than auto attacking, so I’m assuming that he’s back online and working. However, there’s one problem. He’s standing behind the giants, letting the Warrior soak up pretty much all the damage. This is not good, as they have a “sabre lash” type attack that is best mitigated between a few tanks. We make it though, only losing one person, who is quickly res’d so we can move on. 

A quick note goes out to find out if anybody hasn’t done this fight, and a couple say that they haven’t even been in the instance before.  That’s fine with me, so I take the initiative and start popping out some instructions, including innuendos and some fun terminology to mix it up. It sounds like everyone understands, so we make our move. 

The Warrior charges in, quickly getting Marrowgar turned away from the raid, while the rest of us pile up under is big bony butt. But guess who else was under his but with us…. the paladin tank *sigh*. 

So we start burning him down, popping Hero after the first bone spike, but throughout the pally tank keeps standing with the rest of us, and even taunting every once in a while, requiring our entire raid to move to avoid the Saber Lash. 

Several requests go out in the chat window, both nice and ALLCAPSOMGSTANDBYOTHERTANK, type. However, he doesn’t move.  Continuing to just do his little dance.  The Raid Lead throws up a Raid Warning to see if we can catch his attention and get him to stand by the other tank, but to no avail.  Needless to say, it was some rough healing, but fortunately with two pally healers we were able to keep the heal bombs flowing in on the tank, and allow the shaman to keep the raid up. (Too bad you can’t decide who the chain heal hits, cause I’d love for it to miss Mr. Scrub Tank). We did take him down though, it was a close shave, but we got our weekly. 

Herp to the derp.

Herp to the derp.


We did note after the fight that he really needed to stand by the other tank because of the Sabre Lash, and the only reply we got was “Oh, ok.” So we did know that he could see the chat window. 

It was then decided that we might as well go ahead and “try” to go a little further, just to see how it goes. So we clear the ‘ol lady’s room, mostly without the help of Mr. DPS Tank, as he appears to have DCd again. 

So we get everybody grouped up, and I provide another set of detailed instructions on the fight, even providing some markers as to where to stand and such. Then we put in a readycheck to be sure that everybody understands.  We all get an ok, and decide that it was good enough and start the encounter. It begins ok, until the first group of mobs is down, and one of the Adherents is raised (meaning all melee need to be on him).  Well, guess who goes running off to stand there and pound on Lady Deathwhisper? You guessed it, it’s Captain Oblivious. 

While the rest of us attempt to keep the mobs at bay, he continues to “tank” the boss’s mana shield. Needless to say we get overwhelmed and wipe. For me that was pretty much enough, and since we pretty much got what we came for, most of the raid decided that we need to just go our separate ways before some feelings are hurt. 

Anyway, to make a long story short… or maybe just present a moral to this story.  PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHAT WINDOW… *sigh* I know, you can ignore a lot of things now-a-days, but that is not one of them. 

Alrighty, that’s all I got for today, sorry it’s just a rant, but I had to get it out there, it was driving me nuts.


6 thoughts on “Chat Window: It’s there for a reason

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  2. There seems to be more and more of these types of players lately. I don’t know if it is that all the “real” players are on vacation till Cat is released or what, but I’ve run into several of these special people not only in the random weeklies, but the LFD system too. They seem to either blantly disregard the chat frame or don’t understand what it means.

    Fun pug example: I was in OC the other day with obviously new 80s. Not a big deal, that is what these dungeons are for, so I lead the route through the instance asking if anyone needed any explanations, only getting a “We’re gtg” from the group. Of course on the final boss, it becomes clear we have ppl with no idea of what to do, or how to read tooltips, which result in a good bit of time taken by myself and one other of the group doing more than half the battle on our own. The ones who died finally piped up that they had never been in the instance before. I ask why they didn’t say this beforehand and decided that “winging” it was easier, I was told: “OMG it’s just a game, like it really matters we still downed the boss. Rez us pls lol.” To this, I dismounted my drake, looted my cache from the chest and left group before I gave them something reportable to a GM. My frustration towards this growing mentality amoung players knows no bounds.

    • That seems to be the going mentality nowadays, with all the heroics being “ezmode” it seems that no matter the instance, folks think that they can just be burned through.

      Just recently I was in a VoA10 where one of the tanks apparently didn’t realize that they’d have to have another tank NEXT TO THEM when fighting Koralon, and decided that since we just took out the fire revanants that he could just mosey his way down and start the fight. The other tank was still distributing loot from Toravon, so it was a mad dash for him, and a very hectic first few seconds of the fight. Fortunately it was me and another Holy pally who were heal bombing the tank in just the right intervals to keep him alive enough for the other tank to show up.

      I can’t wait for these LFD kiddies to find how hard the instances in Cata are supposedly going to be. From what I’ve read, just think the ICC 5 mans times 2 or 3. I still find groups who just can’t handle the waves in HoR, let alone the DPS race at the end.

  3. I greatly look forward to some sort of challenge in Cata went it comes to 5 mans again. Granted the Wrath 5 mans were difficult at one time, if only because of suboptimal gear. I hope Bliz dumps a truck load of CC, situtational awareness and pulls the plug on OMGAOELOL that is what Wrath has begun (though BC runs are about the same now as well).

    I understand that outgearing content makes it much more of a face roll… but I think putting some elements into instances that will have to be used no matter WHAT the gear is like must really be considered.

    • I totally agree. Having a “required” mechanic, prevents the kind of lethargic gameplay that has come out this far into the WotLK expansion. Speed runs are great, but boring. I think that Blizzard is attempting to move away from this, to keep things interesting. I have a feeling they are really working on dropping the AoE spam as well. But as we begin to gear up, and overgear some instances, I’m sure they will just become grind fests as well.

      As an example… I could care less if I ever do Gundrak again. It is pretty much nothing but a tank/spank/loot run. Sure it’s pretty (I like the troll aesthetic), but it is also the most boring instance currently available.

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