Rabid Yoda with a Mohawk

Hello everyone, I hope that you all enjoy the upcoming Labor Day (if you’re here in the US and get the nice long weekend).

Today’s post is going to be a bit off topic.  I’ve been reading a lot of the recent feminism/racism/gnomism posts that have been floating around the blogosphere and one really caught my eye with its Azerothian subject matter.

That would be Krizzlybear’s latest post on how Gnomes are treated in Warcraft Lore and how they are represented in Role Play. Now, to make a quick note, I don’t actually RP while online, one because I’m not on enough to really build a story or relationship with other players, and two, I’m kind of content on my current server (lots of local friends here) and am really slow to level so couldn’t really have a lot of “tools” to use for a while.

My bitch, you will be.

My bitch, you will be.

I lately have been leveling my Gnome Rogue – Flixan Shadowidget. it’s been a lot of fun, and have even created a little short story of his. In the story, he reveals a little bit of his past, and the loss of family due to the Defias Brotherhood, and his adamant search for revenge, no matter the target. As I said, I do not RP online, but I do try to create backstories for my characters, simply because I enjoy writing stories.

Well, to get back on point, I feel that without realizing it I have stepped Flixan out of the normal gnome stereotype, and into something a bit darker. Sure, he is an engineer, though I believe that it is more of a convenience thing in his case, and not a central part of his character. In addition, he does have the higher pitch voice that most gnomes would have, it would really sound strange otherwise. The eccentricity is there as well, which I will get into later; however, he steps away from this in the seriousness of his cause, and the seriousness by which he works to reach his goal.

As noted in the little background I have already provided, Flixan (also known as Flix to those he is fond of, or “was” fond of) has had an event in his past that caused the death of several in his family. This event left him a bit jaded and angered. To put it in a timeframe it would have been in his late “teens” as I’m unsure of what a gnome’s true lifespan is. This also turned him into somewhat of a lone wolf, though he has had a few personal relationships since the incident, he mostly keeps to himself.

Because of incidents in his distant past, recent past, and the current goings-on around Azeroth, he has lost a little bit of his grip on sanity, not entirely, but the changes have cause a little less remorse, and a bit more precise in his planning. The best description would be a mix of Dexter and a young, rabid Yoda with a mohawk. He can interact convincingly with others, showing little of the anger festering deep within him, but when the time comes, he can explode in a flurry of blades and acrobatics.

It’s not often that a gnome would act in such a way.  There is no goofiness, no slapstick movement, but rather precise, orchestrated attacks, masked by an eccentric style of acrobatics mixed with the romantic “James Bond” style approach to conversation.

In addition to his emotional state, he is also a master at stealth. Though gameplay-wise I have chosen for him to be combat, simply because I enjoy, as Psynister put it, the ability to “walk up and stab them in the face”. However, in style, I feel that because of his short stature, and natural speed, has great stealth abilities. Able to sneak across a town at a rapid pace without being noticed.

Anyway, to conclude this, I just wanted to state how much I enjoyed reading Krizzlybear’s dive into the politics and relations between the races of Warcraft, especially that of Gnomes. Also to reveal my view on how my personal Rogue has turned out to break the mold a bit.


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