The Long Word :: 10/22/2010

Well, here’s my first shot at my weekly post called “The Long Word”.  Interestingly, I’ll probably be hitting both Holy AND Retribution this time.  In fact, probably hit Retribution a little more, since I’ve had a chance to play it lately.

The Long Word

The Long Word

But first, some general news:

According to what I’ve read as of late, it appears that Anzu the Raven Lord is now a regular spawned boss in Sethekk Halls (Heroic of course). I overheard this while wandering through Dalaran and wanted to be sure. So I looked it up, and sure enough, he is.  So, I made my way on down to Shattrath (Oh I miss that place), and darted over to Auchidoun. Entering Sethekk Halls, I was wondering how difficult this would be, and began making my way through. It was easy as pie…. or so I thought.  Turns out after the patch was pushed, my default 5man setting was still on regular… *sigh* So I just cleaned the place up (Lower City rep is still on my list anyway), and popped out and hopped in on Heroic.  Upon entering, I saw the status text about the Eagle Hawk and Owl spirits returning to their stones, meaning that yes Anzu was there.

Anzu the Raven Lord

Anzu the Raven Lord

Started clearing through, easy enough, takes a little bit to take out groups as ret, but doable with the right CC.  But suddenly I hit a brick wall. Sethekk Ravengers…. these guys come in pairs, just like the normal doorway guards, but attack with such a vengence that it is hard to keep the HP up and still get damage out. I was sitting on about 30k HP in my ret set (both PvP and PvE), and they were eating through it like crazy. Sadly though, I couldn’t use Repentance, as they are Immune to it. So wipes were had, and cooldowns were blown, and eventually I was able to burn through the 3 or 4 sets of these guys and make my way to Anzu himself.  Fortunately, his room is empty, allowing me to get straight at him.

The fight is easy enough. Just start pouring on the pain, using Word of Glory if your life get’s about a quarter of the way down, using the other spots where your Holy Power is full to slap him with a hard hitting Templar’s Verdict. Then he’ll toss up a shield mitigating all damage, and starts summoning a ring of ravens to attack you.  They’re pretty easy, after you clear yourself of his initial stomp (he stuns you as soon as the birds are attackable). Just top yourself off, and start using your Holy Power points on Divine Storm and tossing a few Holy Wraths to burn the adds down. Once they’re gone, it’s back on Anzu, and pouring on more damage.  If you’re lucky he should only summon one more group of adds.  At least in my case, I was able to burn him down enough to take him out before anymore.  Unfortunately, the mount did not drop, though it has been confirmed that it does, in fact, still drop.

So, get your tails out there and have some fun in a nice “new classic” instance and have a chance at a really nice looking mount.

Speaking of mounts, be sure to hit Zul’Gurub every few days to be sure that you have a chance at the Zulian Tiger and Zulian Raptor before Zul’Gurub get’s flushed into the Great Sea.

The New Holy

Alrighty, on to some of the meat of the post. Holy feels very different. I have only had a little bit of experience with it, and haven’t really hit any of the more recent raids (did a Naxx with some friends). Headless Hourseman does not count, because I don’t think that I even used one or two heals that entire fight, and we didn’t even have a tank most of the time. First up, Holy Shock is now baseline, along with a passive “Meditation” that converts Spirit into in Combat mana regen. Lastly of the initial additions is our new Mastery Illuminated Healing. What it does is provide us with the shield that Sacred Shield used to provide, except the difference that it is placed on every target we heal, from every one of our direct heals. We begin with a baseline 8 Mastery, and each point of mastery increases the percentage that the shield will absorb.

Anyway, as I had expected, Holy Shock is King. Interestingly enough, Holy Light has become my new primary spell, at least as long as Infusion of Light or Speed of Light is active.  I have seen .6 second Holy Lights with the new procs; the only problem is that they do not heal for as much as they used to.  In fact Flash of Light has pretty much taken the healing numbers spot that Holy Light used to fill, and still has it’s short cast time, but a much more exorbitant mana cost. Divine Light is our new heal bomb, and it does provide some nice numbers when the right buffs are up.

Holy Sh——-ock
Anyway, with the new Holy Power system, Holy Shock has taken a precidence over several of the spells in my book, since it is our primary source of  Holy Power, and is buffed by several talents. One of the really new kids on the block is Word of Glory. This spell is an instant cast, mana free heal whose strength is based on how much Holy Power you have built up (3 points being the maximum amount of Holy Power available, requiring at least one point to even use WoG). I. Love. This. Spell.  It is a really fun addition to our healing tools since before us Paladins had nearly no instant cast heals at all. Now, I can pop a Holy Shock, followed up by even a one Holy Power WoG, and still do a nice chunk of healing in the span of a global cooldown. When the Holy Points are built up and WoG cast, it’ll easily hit for over 12k dependant on your Spellpower (now determined by Intellect), and what buffs are up. Lastly, Holy Shock has gotten several friends, in the forms of procs.  For example, you have a nice big Critical heal from a Holy Shock, well, it’ll pop up a proc called “Daybreak”.  This proc lasts for 10 sec, and allows for your next Holy Shock to not produce a cooldown, allowing for a follow up Holy Shock building further on your Holy Power points, allowing for stronger Words of Glory.  Very cool.

Light of Daaaamn
OMGLAZERZPEWPEW. In the words of Jong from Forbearance:

Also, holy pallies are shooting lasers out of their hands.

Yup, we sure are. Our new AoE heal is called Light of Dawn. It provides us with a frontal cone heal that will heal an infinite number of targets in the cone’s radius for, at least in my case, between 2k and 5.5k.  It is very situational though, but with the current lack of mana issues, I use it just for the heck of it, because <sarcasm>I like watching the cone of lazers come flying out of my hand, then point towards the ceiling</sarcasm>. It is fun to cast, but I really think that Blizzard should choose a different animation pose so that we don’t suddenly point the cone of healing towards the ceiling, it’s a bit awkward.

You can lead a horse to water
Mana issues at the moment are pretty much non existant; at least for this current tier of content. I can heal the snot out of someone, and barely have dropped my mana pool below 85%, even after some heavy casting. At the moment, I have only hit Divine Plea, simply because I had burned my mana down spamming Exorcism on Loatheb. So it’ll take some getting used to, plus it’ll all balance out as we begin to level after December.

Retribution: Faceroll, my a$$.

Just as Holy has Retribution has had a makeover as well, in fact Retribution is the cause for the mechanic change in the first place. With the addition of Holy Power, Ret Paladins now have a choice as to what spell to strengthen and use dependant on situation. What I mean by this, is that Divine Storm along with the new Templar’s Verdict both use Holy Power, both also increase in the damage they do based on the amount of Holy Power you have built up. In one way, this will provide Ret Pallies with a decision as to which spell to add to their rotation dependant on the number of mobs that are present. I will agree with the tooltip though; even though I love to hit buttons, it states that Templar’s Verdict is best used with the full 3 points of Holy Power built up. It’s true, you will hit pretty hard with a full complement of Holy Power.

Another interesting thing is the change in how Art of War works.  It now has only a 20% chance on melee strike to proc, and seems to proc a lot less than it used to. However, the DPS increase that Exorcism provides is nice.  In addition, Exorcism has no cooldown anymore, and can basically be spammed if you are stuck at range for any reason; it will eat your mana like crazy though.

Consecration has pretty much been dropped from my rotation.  It simply costs too much. I don’t have really good numbers yet, but only had mana issues when I was using it on a regular basis.

The new rotation (if you can really call it that), takes some getting used to, as Crusader Strike is very important since it is your primary source for guaranteed Holy Power, while Judgements and Exorcism follow (at least for generating Holy Power). But, be sure to watch for procs.  There is a proc (I’m unsure of the name at this moment) that provides you with a Templar’s Verdict hit that does not cost any Holy Power, therefore allowing you to follow it up with either another Templar’s Verdict, a Divine Storm, or a Word of Glory if the times get tough. I much prefer this kind of rotation, where it actually requires for you to watch what you’re doing before you make a decision.

Last on the plate is Zealotry.  I have yet figured out when the best time is to use this spell.  What it does is allow for your Crusader Strike to grant 3 stacks of Holy Power per strike for the next 30 seconds. The spell itself costs 3 Holy Power, but I believe that it would be best to maybe use it early on, allowing for further uses down the line on longer fights. I haven’t really played with it a lot, in fact, often forget about it for some reason. Anyway, once I get some numbers on that I will provide them here as well.

So, that’s the first edition of “The Long Word”, I hope you enjoyed, and I plan to do this weekly, so more info will be up next week, especially since Blizzcon has begun today.

Until then; Light be with you.


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