*knock knock*…. hello?

Lightning strikes outside the boarded window, as rain pours down the side of the small office.

The door slowly creaks open, revealing what little light was outside, long missing from these inner corridors. Within that light a shadowy figure appears, moving through the doorway. A cloaked individual, carrying stacks of paper, and photographs.  The figure dusts off the layer of dust atop the nearby desk and places the documents down.

He is soon followed by a much larger figure, slightly hunched, and very muscular, clad in what appears to be plated armor. A sent of wet dog fills the air.

A gust of wind blows in the door, causing some of the documents to be lifted off the desk.

“Please, close the door behind you Mr. Ashenmane,” the first figure says.

The other figure pulls the door tight, preventing any further gusts to enter. He then turns and lights a nearby lantern filling the paneled room with a flickering glow.

“Well then. I feel that we should get to work then,” the cloaked figure determines. “Mr. Ashenmane, please introduce yourself to our audience, while I sort through this mess. It is likely a smaller group than before.”

The larger figure stretches to his full height, adjusting his chestpiece to fit mor comfortably. The lantern now revealing the ashy white fur that covered his body, and the deep set yellow eyes peering out above a long pointed snout. His ears both pointed, one slightly lower than the other due to the cut across it’s lower lobe. His grin revealed several pointed teeth, some protruding even beyond his lips. His hands tapering into pointed claws, yet articulate in their movements.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  I, am Mr. Logosh Ashenmane, former Sergeant-in-Arms for Lord Greymane’s army in Gilneas. As you can likely see, I have been changed by the worgen curse that is so prevalent in Gilneas, but do not fear, I have control over my affliction.

“I have been asked to join your host Crusader Khraden Lionbearer in providing some new insight into this new world that we now live in,” the worgen stated.

Khraden removes his hood, and replies, “We greatly apologize for the recent lack of information, but we are told this ‘real life’… thing… has been getting in the way of our duties here. We cannot make any definite promises, but I hope that Mr. Ashenmane and I can provide more future coorespondence, beyond just random babble.”

— Thanks for those of you who have hung around.  I have been pretty busy, and have not had the time, nor the ability to post much lately.  But I’m hoping that will change.