Rogue Paladin

Paladin’s are enforcers of all that is good, defenders of the light. Well, not always. At least if you’ve got a friend who’s an alchemist. Recently a friend of mine “Midnightwar 70 Warlock” had run most of the way through Karazhan with our normal evening group. It had gotten late, and we all quit before the Chess Event, and before taking out the Curator, or was it the Shade of Aran… I can’t remember. Anyway, there were still mob’s wandering between the entrance and the Chess Event.

Well I had read up about being able to use invisibility potions to get past all the mobs and into the Chess Event with no concequense. So, the next evening, we got online, and waited to see if the group was going to form up again, and finish up the Karazhan run. Well, they didn’t, so we got ahold of the Raid leader and told him our plan. He didn’t expect us to make it, so he gave us the OK… not so Rogue like, but at least being polite.

So we got ahold of a friend of ours, and I bought him the recipe for the Invisibility potion. Grabbed some reagents, and scooted off on my charger to find him. Got a total of 6 invisibility potions, just to be safe, and Midnightwar and I made our way to Karazhan.

You won’t believe it, with 3 potions a piece, 1 soulstone/redemption, and a little luck, we made it to the door.

Just to clear things up, the Chess Event is meant to be done by a group of 10 people, each controlling a different chess piece. We attempted it with just the two of us, initially not realizing that we didn’t have to have the King possessed the whole time. On the 3rd try, success.

I kind of felt bad, since nothing dropped for Midnightwar, but I came out really good. Out of the chest came the Triptych of the Ancients, and the Battlescar Boots.

A Holy paladin’s dream to get one of the best healing shields in the game (at least as far as I can go) for free.