Shared Topic: Do your alts know each other?

I really liked this week’s shared topic.  I’ve kind of slacked a bit lately, on posting in general, AND in keeping up with shared topics from “Blog Azeroth“.  But thought I’d hit this one up for fun.

In a single word: “sorta”. Really depends on which alts.  I have actually written a 17 chapter fanfic about how my Paladin Khraden got to his current position (well at the time, just entering Wrath).  This didn’t really include a lot of my other alts; however did include some of my brother’s characters, who just happen to be related to my alts. 

So, here’s the tree:

Relationship chart (Main & Alts)

Relationship chart (Main & Alts)

So, in short, yes, they for the most part have met each other (at least the Alliance Side) at one time or another; be it by blood relation, marriage, or fellow soldiers and family friends.

This was really a fun subject to tackle.  Sorry for such a short post, but I guess the chart itself does most of the talking. It kind of made me realize how much RP I really do, though not in game. It’s something that I guess can be considered a guilty pleasure.

Shared Topic: The Best & Worst: Cities/Towns

Sentinel Hill

Sentinel Hill

I apologize if I get a bit off subject, this topic seems to have brought a lot of thought to the forefront.

This week’s shared topic was a very thought provoking one. You see, I play on a PvE realm, but I play in an RP way, where whatever I do, I feel that it should be something that was determined, and not just some random whim. An example of this is my very early days leveling Khraden. Every time that I would log of, I would have him sleeping on one of the cots in the Westfall “Inn” when he was in that area.  If he was out in the middle of Duskwood, I would either try to find the nearest camp, and log out there, or park him in a shady spot, somewhat isolated from the dangers of those eerie woods. If I was questing in Stranglethorn, I would have him tucked away in one of the abandoned Troll ruins, where sneaky murlocs and raptors couldn’t get to him.

It’s been a little thing that I’ve always done. I want to think that he would rather be comfortable than be stuck sitting on top of a horse in the middle of a corn field all night. I even continue this to this day, even though I don’t need the rested XP bonus, I’ll usually find him an Inn or Tavern to lounge in for the duration of my logoff. Even just last night, I had to get off kind of quickly. I was in the blacksmith in Dalaran, and ran him up to the second story, and had him sit on the rails, so that he could watch the other folks shop while he waited (while not being in the way).



Ok, maybe it’s just getting a bit creepy sounding, but WoW is my escape, so I like to have it feel that way.

Well, let’s get back on subject. As for the cities/towns/villages/camps that I like best, I believe that the top of my list is the Purple Parlor in Dalaran. It is the place that I go to when I need to work on a respec in peace, it’s where I go when I want to sort out my bags. It provides that lag free spot, with a view of the city, and a quick flight out when I’m finished. I’m sure that this location will end up being replaced by the secret room in the Violet Citadel, once I get my “Higher Learning” achievement, but for now, it is a favorite of mine.

Outside view of the Purple Parlor

Outside view of the Purple Parlor

Now, in contrast, Dalaran also holds some of the worst places to just sit back and relax. One of those being the Ledgerman Lodge or the Hero’s Welcome. It almost seems that most people want to stand around in there, or use it as a landing pad to log in and out from. The lag generated in that area is awful, and more often than not will crash WoW on my laptop. I do use the Beer Garden balcony as my current Hearthstone, simply because it is out-of-the-way, and a quick jog to the portals, but it is far enough away from the congregating crowd that I don’t have to worry about the lag as much.

This places Dalaran near the top and near the bottom of the list of best/worst cities.

Other towns, provide a bit more character though. I have always enjoyed the small Eastvale Logging Camp, for its quaint little setting, and constant banter between the NPCs. It reminds me of the Lower City in Shattrath (which is now a very barren place, outside of the constantly moving NPCs).

Another town, well city, that provides character is the Alliance Bastion of Stormwind. Ever since beginning the game I have always liked Stormwind. It provided that proud to be a human feeling throughout the city streets. Like every city, it has its seedy secrets, and they are portrayed so well in the small questlines that are based in the city. I have actually had my character take up residence across from the Champion’s Hall, where normally Warrior trainers would reside. The building is empty enough that I can feel that it’s “my” house in the game, those who are there already, are just house guests, haha.

Stormwind, Bastion of the Alliance

Stormwind, Bastion of the Alliance

It brings to mind the ever pending question of whether there will ever be player housing, or even Guild housing. I am very sure that it would be a popular addition to the game. Especially with the amount of gold flowing now-a-days, the houses could even be upgradable, and maybe hold a personal “lockbox” to keep extra stuff that you can’t fit into the bank (see Hoarding: Buried Alive).

Anyway, even Stormwind has its rough spots, including anything around the bank/AH.  As with any city with an AH, this area gets pounded daily.  I actually thought about this area as a nice quiet area at one time, with the little shops and “apartments” around the center square, but not so much anymore.

As you can tell, I’ve done far more on the Alliance side then the Horde, and it does feel somewhat lopsided, though I am working on a BE Paladin (may end up being a Tauren paladin) to see that side of the world.

To finish it off, I’ll mention one of my most favorite spots in the game, if not the most remote. Ravenholdt Manor, yup, that mansion up in the hills, home of the masters of rogue-erdom. It is such a nice area, with the little garden outside of the large mansion, split up by several rooms, NPCs in nearly every corner.  A put away, and almost forgotten area if you ask me. This area does point out both the best in looks and environment, but worst in location or accessibility.

Ravenholdt Manor

Ravenholdt Manor

Shared Topic: No comments = better bloggers?

Blog Azeroth just released a new Shared Topic for April 12th.  An interesting topic indeed.  The topic is the question: No comments = better bloggers?

In the current age of “Web 2.0” and the constant interaction of web users with each other, I feel that the statement is misleading, and in my own opinion false.  I am fairly new to the WoW Blogging community, and have yet to truly get my foot in the door; however, I have gotten several comments on my posts, and in turn replied to nearly all of them.

These comments range from “Nice Blog” to “Here’s what I think about the topic,” and I’d like to separate these kinds of comments to their main purpose in my mind.

To me, the “Nice Blog” comments are those that keep you going.  The kind of comments that bring a little grin to your face when you read them.  Especially for us fledgling bloggers.  They provide that bit of encouragement to push forward, and continue to make that attempt of keeping your readers informed (whether you really have any readers or not).  I have use them in this way myself.

The other “Here’s what I think about the topic” comments are those that provide you with a bit of direction.  I have had several comments on a few articles specifically that either point out agreement on a subject, or catch potential mistakes, whether they are real mistakes, or a change in interpretation.  A great example being those on my recent Paladin Predictions post.  These are crucial to my further development of my blog.  If I ever reach that pinnacle blogging plateau, I will continue to anticipate and relish these kinds of comments.

On a slightly different note, I try to actually accomodate and request comments.  This not only gives me extra eyes on the article, but also allows my own perception of a topic to expand, given the views of others.

Shared Topic: World of Awecraft

Caution: Image heavy post incoming. 

Since I began playing World of Warcraft and entered it’s pixely goodness, I have been enamored by the beauty of it’s environment.  I am a very visual person, and being able to create just about any wallpaper out of a screenshot was awesome (though converting it to a JPG from TGA in the beginning kind of sucked).  Anyway, the environment presented by Blizzard in World of Warcraft has inspired awe in me.  So below I have included some of my favorite screenshots, I do have more; however they are hidden somewhere on my hard drive. 

Grizzly Hills

Ah, Grizzly Hills. Beautiful music, beautiful scenery.

Crystalsong Forest

I always liked the glowing landscape of the Crystalsong Forest as well.


The Skybreaker, like it's "companion" the Ogrim's hammer both added greatly to the ambience of Icecrown. Plus they're fricken Airships!

Ogrim's hammer

The Ogrim's Hammer and it's "companion" the Skybreaker both added greatly to the ambience of Icecrown. Plus they're fricken Airships!

Sunset over Bloodmyst Isle

This shot of a sunset over Bloodmyst Isle was recently taken by my mage alt. I just liked how the blooming effect around the sun turned out.

Anyway, I plan to update this post with more pictures, likely some of the older screenshots that I have.  I have a decent colection from Outland as well as some inner-dungeon shots that turned out well.

Shared Topic: Starting Over

I just recently joined up on the Blog Azeroth site. It looks like there are a ton of folks out there with WoW blogs… my blog reader will be hurting more than it already is soon.

I had read several of the shared topics before, but had never thought to join in, and this specific topic looked like a good bit of fun.  Basically, if I had the chance to start over, with another character at level 80 (or level 1 depending on whether I like to level or not… which I don’t), what class/race/faction would it be?

I have made attempts at this with alts, and have had a lot of fun with all of them… but I always end up going back to Khraden (my Paladin).  Sure I’ve leveled my DK almost to 75 now, and he is slowing gaining ground, but I still feel like I’m leaving my paladin out.

Now, if I had the opportunity, I would probably choose another class, if not at least to try it out.  There are a couple of classes that I’d choose though.

I’ve always wanted to have a caster, and why not one of the quintesential caster stereotypes.  Mostly because of the cool backstory that I could create for him, but also the fact that he is almost a polar opposite of all that my Paladin stands for.  Just the fact that he summons demons would be enough to separate him from Khraden.

I have yet however to level one very far.  I believe that my highest level Warlock is a level 14 Undead named Dreadvein (over on Ner’zhul I believe).  Didn’t go to far with him, not only because he didn’t have any financial backing, but also because I just couldn’t get into the swing of the early leveling with him.

I do, truly enjoy some of the set pieces that Warlocks have though, very dark, very sinister, and everything my paladin isn’t.

The other option that I would choose is–
I have always wanted to have a purely melee dps character, and the Rogue perfectly fits that bill.  Much like the Warlock, he would also seem to fill that spot opposite my Paladin.  The story could be darker, and possibly a rough upbringing lead him to his current path.  In addition to the opposing factors, the abilities and utilities of Rogues just seem to be fun.

Like the warlock, I also do enjoy the set pieces that Rogues have, it really encompasses the stealthiness a rogue should have (though in some cases some of the spikes go a bit far).

I do have a DK, which for all purposes of the class is the anti-paladin; but playing him just seems to close to playing a paladin (in that they where plate, use 2handers, and beat the crap out of stuff when in a melee dps position).  Maybe eventually I’ll break down and level another class all the way.  Time will tell.