Shared Topic: Do your alts know each other?

I really liked this week’s shared topic.  I’ve kind of slacked a bit lately, on posting in general, AND in keeping up with shared topics from “Blog Azeroth“.  But thought I’d hit this one up for fun.

In a single word: “sorta”. Really depends on which alts.  I have actually written a 17 chapter fanfic about how my Paladin Khraden got to his current position (well at the time, just entering Wrath).  This didn’t really include a lot of my other alts; however did include some of my brother’s characters, who just happen to be related to my alts. 

So, here’s the tree:

Relationship chart (Main & Alts)

Relationship chart (Main & Alts)

So, in short, yes, they for the most part have met each other (at least the Alliance Side) at one time or another; be it by blood relation, marriage, or fellow soldiers and family friends.

This was really a fun subject to tackle.  Sorry for such a short post, but I guess the chart itself does most of the talking. It kind of made me realize how much RP I really do, though not in game. It’s something that I guess can be considered a guilty pleasure.


Rabid Yoda with a Mohawk

Hello everyone, I hope that you all enjoy the upcoming Labor Day (if you’re here in the US and get the nice long weekend).

Today’s post is going to be a bit off topic.  I’ve been reading a lot of the recent feminism/racism/gnomism posts that have been floating around the blogosphere and one really caught my eye with its Azerothian subject matter.

That would be Krizzlybear’s latest post on how Gnomes are treated in Warcraft Lore and how they are represented in Role Play. Now, to make a quick note, I don’t actually RP while online, one because I’m not on enough to really build a story or relationship with other players, and two, I’m kind of content on my current server (lots of local friends here) and am really slow to level so couldn’t really have a lot of “tools” to use for a while.

My bitch, you will be.

My bitch, you will be.

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