Mogolympics and more…

Evening all…

Long time no see.  I’ve had the beta for a while now, gotten to experience some of the new goodies coming to us in September (25th) but not as much as I could have.  Been busy around the Lionbearer household.


First up, a little side project.  I signed up to participate in the [Trans]mogolympics.  It was randomly decided that I would represent the Mag’har. It made for a fun little project to work on.  I’ve been told that I can display my flagbearer, but nothing more… so here he is.

Mag'har Flagbearer

Mag’har Flagbearer

On that note, I’ve completed all of the transmog outfits, and will be posting them here once the competition is underway. Check out the [Trans]mogolympics site over at Arcane Wordsmith for more information.

On the homefront

On a completely different subject, my wife and I have been busy at work on opening a bake shop, aptly named “Happy Cake.” She’s acquired a building and has been working day and night on getting it ready for a grand opening.  I truly wish that there was more that I could do to help out, but my day job has otherwise taken up my time. She’s really excited, and I am ecstatic and so proud of her working on making a dream come true.  It’s cost a pretty penny, but we’re sure it’ll be successful.  Fortunately we didn’t have to pay to have a website built… cause I do that for a living, haha (that’ll be coming soon as well).  To top it off, my oldest will be turning 5 next month, so we’ll have a really busy year coming up.

Happy Cake: Cakes, Cupcakes, & More

Happy Cake: Cakes, Cupcakes, & More

Amateur writing

I’m not sure if you all remember me mentioning that I was working on a sidestory/RP/fanfic pertaining to my own characters (in fact several).  Well, I finished one of them, it’s a little over 25 pages long. It’s a very rough draft, and I’m sure has all kinds of errors all over it, but I want to share it with you all.

I’m going to start a series of posts that include about 5 pages a piece. It’ll be posted here on this blog, as well as my other Horizon’s Blade writing blog.


I hope to see you all on September 25th, God willing, I’ll be joining you on the journey into the Mists of Pandaria.

Real Friends on RealID

Good morning everybody!

Been a bit since my last post, but as usual, in the eloquent words of Tinkerpriest:

“If I got paid like as porn star would, every time I got bent over by work, I’d be rich”

Things have calmed down a bit, and I’ve had a chance to get online with some local friends of mine and both of my brothers. About a year ago, maybe two, I learned that some of the folks that I work with also play WoW, and at the time we were all guildless, so after migrating a few characters to a single server, we started up “Wanderers Among Realms” (see what I did there :P), yes, it’s not correct grammar, but I couldn’t fit “Amongst”. Anyway, we got together, and were all leveling through The Burning Crusade, and eventually running some heroics together.

Mmm hmmm..

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Healer Trust

Good morning everyone…

I hope you all (well those state-side) had a nice extended weekend. I know I did, and didn’t want to come back to work. Anyway, this weekend I was able to get online for a bit, especially while my oldest son slept (had a fever this weekend, and slept a good bit), and the other just sat there and smiled all goofy like a 3 month old would. Plus we had to get the house ready for an appraiser (getting a refi), so I was helping my wife do that too. Well, what’s that got to do with Healer Trust? Well, while we did stuff around the house, while my wife was either outside or inside, she would trust me to be keeping an eye on the chillins’. Of course, I helped get stuff ready too, and in turn trusted that she kept an eye on them.

Healer Focus = Parent Focus :)
Healer Focus = Parent Focus 🙂

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IT’S OVER 9… oh just 9

If you came for Paladin shenanigans, you may be disappointed, and can skip this post if you’d like.  It’s going to have a focus on the other part of my title’s tagline “family man.” It is going to make note of an important day in my life, a day 9 years ago.  As of today, my wife and I will have been married for 9 years!  

Some said that we’d never make it, we were too different, and too young. Well, I’m now 28, with 2 kids and a wonderful wife and wonderful life. Started back in high school, probably close to our late Junior/Senior years.  We both had come out of some tough relationships and were ready to just relax for a while before getting back onto the scene. (It’s wierd how I talk like we were both doing this together, though we didn’t really even know each other that well then, guess 9 years will do that to ya.)  

Anyway, time went by, and we both started realizing that we had many mutual friends, and started to hang out a bit more often. Getting together with our friends and slowly but surely growing a little more than an acquaintance type friendship with each other. 




Side note: Oddly enough, and beyond my memory capacity at the time, apparently she had actually asked me to start dating back when we were Freshmen… and I said no! WTF, well… I was a goob back then. Not necessarily socially inept, but a really shy, quiet kind of guy, not one to be in the limelight.   

That fateful day.

That fateful day.

 Well, time went by, and our friendship grew. I think that it was my 18th or 19th birthday, or at least the party a few days before it that sealed the deal for us, or at least told us that we might as well make it official. It was back in the days of the Blair Witch Project, and a bunch of friends were over at my house (well my parent’s house), and we had a video camera… so it was time to go wander through the woods and make fools of ourselves, lol.  So we started making a “Blair Witch” movie by goofing off in the woods across from the house.  I don’t even think that the tape exists anymore, but it doesn’t matter.We began walking back up the street towards the house, and it was one of those clear, but chilly nights.  She was wearing a fleece jacket, and me… well I’m hot natured, so I was in shorts and a button up short sleeve shirt.  Anyway, she reached over and grabbed my hand, pulling it in close.  Maybe to try to keep me warm, but we both knew that it was more than that. I think that everybody who was with us saw it as it happened, but I think at that moment, it was official, we were an “item.” It was ironic, as we had both moved down to this little town in Alabama from up north, I in 6th grade, and her two years later, who would have thought that we would have found each other. 

Brother and I

Brother and I, the name's Watts, GigaWatts

We had spent a lot of time together, even getting invited by my parents to go with them on one of my dad’s business trips to Hawaii, that was awesome. (My dad traveled A LOT at the time, so cost wasn’t much of an issue with the number of miles he had built up.) Even went to our Senior Prom together.  

Fast forward a year or so. We were like all couples, we had our rough spots, but pushed our way through, giving each other the space we needed, but still being close. Well, I had made the decision that I wanted to take another step, and further and move our relationship forward. We were both out of high school, and I had just started my first job, she was still working with the company that she co-op’d with in high school, so I worked some numbers and felt that it was the right time. (Nerdy eh? Using math to determine if a relationship is ready to move forward… *sigh*.) So I went and got the ring.  It wasn’t some massive rock, it was a 1/3 carat marquise diamond ring, with a crystal banquette on both sides.  I had picked up on some hints on the kind of rings she liked, and tried to match it, I think that I did ok. I was still not rolling in the dough, but my mom had a discount at the shop I was buying from, and was able to help me out.Needless to say, I was nervous as hell.  It’s a big step. So, I kept it on hand for probably a month or so.

Will you marry me?

Cute Froggies.

At the time, she liked frogs… not real frogs, but the cutesy frogs, like those from “Sprogz”. Well, anyway, I had found a bride and groom one, and wrapped them up in a basket, and kept them out of sight.  While I kept the ring in my pocket. I took her out for dinner, and then came back home. When we got there, I told her that I had something for her, and brought out the basket. She opened it up and saw the little guys on the left.I think that she figured out what was going on, as I then got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring.  Sorta romantic I guess, not bad for a geeky shy kid (who was slowly coming out of his shell).  Well, it would have been, but you see, I was still living at home, and… so did both my brothers (both younger). Well, the youngest (14 or 15 at the time) had no idea what I had planned, and came barreling down the stairs with his friend… “Hey, can you bring us to Movie Gallery”….. *sigh* that totally broke the mood, well at least for me. She was already tearing up some, and reached down to grab my hands and said yes and gave me a big hug.  Needless to say we headed over to her parents house and she told them, and they were all excited. My parents already knew, because I had let them know ahead of time. 

Well, not more than a couple of weeks later, the plans were already getting started, and shaped up.  Places were being reserved, and dresses picked out. (We did have one hiccup where the initial place where we had the reception planned apparently went bankrupt, and in turn cancelled our reservation a couple of weeks before the wedding. But we made up for it and rented the local town hall council room.. much better location.) 

Then the day came, it was a beautiful Spring afternoon, barely a cloud in the sky, and the sun nice and bright. Everybody we knew was there, well, just about everybody.  She had family down from Upstate New York, and I even had some old friends from Illinois (I was an Air Force brat, my family had to move a lot in my early years, we finally ended up here after about 5 years in Illinois, the first place I truly had friends from). 

It just seemed that God smiled down on the event. We had great weather throughout, and everything just seemed to go right. 

Afterwards, thanks to hotel points and sky miles, my parents provided us with some tickets to Hawaii for our honeymoon… this I won’t go into detail about, haha.  Except that we had a great time, and it was our first true time away and together as a couple. 

Big & Little Brother

Big & Little Brother

Well, fast foward again 9 years, and here we are. Yes, marriages all have their ups and downs, but that’s what makes it exciting. I am not a fan of rollercoasters, but have loved this ride called married life. We now have two beautiful sons, one 2.5 and the other 7 weeks or so. Life really can’t get any better… well unless we win the Lottery, and don’t have to work anymore… that’d be fricken awesome, lol. But, c’est la vie.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little foray into the personal, family side of me.

This is my little shout out to my wife, who only recently discovered that I have a blog 🙂 I love you baby, and Happy Anniversary!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled paladin goodness this afternoon.

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Yes, that is the same title as some of those TLC and Discovery Channel shows about the folks who fill their house with stuff… and lots of stuff.

Well, my main Khraden may as well be diagnosed with that mental disorder.  My wife and I have recently been watching those shows, amazed at the accumulation of things people collect, and just can’t get rid of.  However, after thinking about it, I realized that I am the same way with Khraden.

At this moment if  you looked into my bank, you’d see all bag slots bought, filled with either Imbued Netherweave bags or Frostweave bags.  Each of those bags and the main bank window is full.  Maybe there is a spot or two available, but not often.

One of the noticable things in there… flavor items.  I love them, I have a ton of them, I have some from quests that not many people have ever done.  In addition to flavor items, I have nearly two entire rows of weapons.  Now these weapons are either cool looking (to me), or have some kind of flavor text.  An example of that being Taigasha, the “Magnataur Slayer”.  I don’t even use it, nor have I ever, but I thought it was unique, and plus it’s really big for a one-handed sword.  I also have a vast assortment of Tabards (still working on getting the “Tabard of the Achiever” achievement), several items that have no use, but are unique, such as the photo of “Linken” and his lady friend.  I even have Linken’s Boomerang and Linken’s Sword of Mastery, both of these from one of the most fun questlines in the game, and an awesome homage to the Zelda series.

Some other interesting items include the Monster Slayer’s Kit, Argent Dawn Banner, and the full “Undead Slaying” gearset from the second Scourge Invasion (mostly because I love the look of the Paladin’s Tier 2 Judgement set).  In addition to little items like this, I also have a few sets of gear that I just can’t get rid of.  Some of them being the full purple Judgement set from Burning Crusade, the blue/gold Lightforge set, and some of the old Lieutenant Commander’s Aegis set from when I used to PvP more.  I could go on and on with what is in there, but it would take forever, and be comparable to one of Big Bear Butt’s Bearwalls.

Paladin "Unsets"

Paladin "Unsets"

I do have some useful items in there though.  In fact I have an entire set of Retribution gear for both PvE and PvP, a few spots of some materials for cooking/enchanting, and a couple of spots for letters that people sent to me in game back when my wife’s grandfather and later when my grandfather passed away.

I hope to soon post a picture of my current bank.  The only issue I have is that I can’t move any of this to a bank alt, as nearly all of it is BoP, and already Soulbound to me.  Well, cie la vie, you win some, you lose some.

Do you collect things, whether they be useful or not, and just can’t get rid of them?