Yes… I’ve REALLY been slacking. Lots of work, sickness in the family. A close friend of mine currently moments away from passing away (car accident). Not a lot of time to update here. But I hope to change that. Sorry folks, if there are any of you left. I’m coming back… I promise.


5 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. You and I may not see eye to eye any longer. And yes, that’s my fault I’ll admit (what choice do I really have). Regardless, I hope your friend pulls through. Knowing you, as little as I do, I know you have tough friends. He’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.

  2. I truly appreciate your thoughts. And yes, we have our differences, but so does everybody.

    As for my friend. The doctors are basically keeping him on life support until his brother (in the USMC) comes home from California. The accident was very devastating.

    My friend is in the National Guard, and was currently on a trip with other guardsman to Montgomery. There were 2 humvees and a passenger van. Upon turning down a road, about a quarter mile down, an SUV, with a driver who was apparently not paying attention, crossed the yellow lines and clipped the side mirror of the first Humvee, and plowed head on into the second. My friend was driving the second.

    His injuries included basically his lower body being completely crushed, and brain damage from the impact. According to the doctor there is 0% chance that he will survive once they take him off of life support.

    We’re all pretty hurt and humbled by the incident. He’s about the age of my youngest brother, so he had a LOT of life ahead of him.

    Again thank you for the kind words though.

  3. Friends or not, I can’t help but want to comfort someone in a time of need. I hope that one day we can talk again.

    I am sorry.

  4. You shouldn’t feel like you need to apologise for having RL stuff on. This is a game, and the game and the people around will either be there when (if) you return, or they won’t. And the ones who aren’t still there you don’t need to worry about as they aren’t worth it.

    So go be with your friend. He needs you far more than we do atm!

    • Actually I wish I could be with him. He passed 2 nights ago, while still on life support. He is in a better place though. I know that RL is more important than my Online life, but I still feel a little obligated for those who actually do read this regularly, to provide at least some information.

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