Yes… I’ve REALLY been slacking. Lots of work, sickness in the family. A close friend of mine currently moments away from passing away (car accident). Not a lot of time to update here. But I hope to change that. Sorry folks, if there are any of you left. I’m coming back… I promise.


The Long Word

Good afternoon folks…

I’ve decided that I’m going to start changing up my format.  As you can tell, I have not been able to post much as of late, partly because I’m busy, and partly because there hasn’t been a whole lot to go into until lately. So, I’m going to start doing a weekly post (much like Tuesday with Tarinae) called “The Long Word”.  It’ll be a mixed bag of Retribution, Protection, and of course Holy info as it comes in throughout the week.  I may even throw in a few little extras from my alt’s classes, etc.

Word of Glory

The Long Word

I’ll probably begin this either Friday or maybe next week, we’ll see how the schedule goes.  I hope you all will like this new format, as it’s a bit easier for me to handle, and get out to you all. (Don’t worry, I’ll have a much better banner than just the Word of Glory icon :P)

Until next time, Light be with you.

I sowwy…

Well, here’s a nice fluff post for you all until I’m able to write something a bit more substantial (like how neat the Holy Power Interface looks, and where Sacred Shield went, and, and, and… lots of stuff I’ve missed).

I sowwy... :(

I sowwy... 😦

Anyway, with me being sick, my son being sick, and then the A/C going out at the office, it’s been a bit hectic here in Illumination land.

So, if I’m able to get something out there, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Thanks for those of you who have hung around, don’t worry, I won’t dissapoint… I hope 🙂


Well, no posts the last two days… I’m slackin. Actually I’m getting slapped around at work, so time is a bit of a luxury. Feel like I’m getting whooped like Edward Cullen in a fight with The Count.

Down for the "Count"... get it... *crickets*

Down for the "Count"... get it... *crickets*

Maybe we’ll get some good news this weekend and I can toss something up, but until then. Back to the grind stone.

Light be with you.

Not today


Work vs Me

Work vs Me

I’ve been pretty good about posting nearly everyday since I moved to WordPress (not including weekends), but today I regret to say that I likely will not have a lot of content for the next few days.

Work is getting crazy busy, so things’ll be slowing down. I will post some new things as they come up though. I also plan to try and hit the PTR this weekend, we’ll see.

Sorry… no content :(



Way to busy today to post anything halfway decent, let alone coherent.

I am working on a Gemming guide for Holy and Retribution sets, as well as a general overview of gems and their attributes to use as a cheat sheet.

Until then, see you all around the interwebs.